March 22, 2011

Can Kiefer Save Me From 24 Withdrawal?

It's Tuesday March 22nd 2011 and something is missing. Just one year ago I was writing this post about my favorite TV show: the Jack Bauer Power Hour aka 24. For two years I did episode recaps and they were the wand in my magical life, here's a sample from one year ago:

2. Bad guys in 24 love a couple things: facial hair, accents, and hanging out at docks. Honestly CTU should just monitor the docks at all the major cities. Oh what's that, a whole bunch of evil looking people driving in shady vans at 3AM by a dock, wonder if they're setting up a lemonade stand or trying to kill us.
12. Jack Bauer is so damn soft these days, look I know times are different and mass killing and torture isn't the rage, but please don't make Jack all emotional in combat. Dude has killed over 300 people and now he's getting all sentimental over some SWAT team rookie who didn't follow orders.
15. I'm so sad that Hasting didn't have a good answer to the "Where do you find these people" question because that would explain a long history of terrible CTU Human Resource decisions.

Got dayum, I miss 24 seriously. No other show on TV can match it's intense yet still fun attitude. I'm watching "Breaking Bad" now and it's excellent, it's just so bleak man, whoah, cancer patients cooking meth crippling domestic drama ripping apart souls. Whatever happened to go here, fight terrorists, clock beeps, yell at Chloe, go there, bite off terrorist heads with patriotic teeth of freedom, commercial break, introduce new bad guy... It's hard out there now, Jack! Jack! You gotta help me.

Luckily Kiefer feels my pain. Just yesterday he was on "The View" (whaaaat?) and announced the "24 Movie" will be out in 2012. A couple of months ago I told you how Tony Scott was the front-runner to direct, and it looks like his name is still being mentioned, which is a semi-strong indicator there is life in the movie. And to really prove that Kiefer cares about the people in 24 withdrawal he's on twitter now. And even though he seems to tweet a lot of about what he's cooking, I have no doubt he's cooking up freedom and justice the American way.

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