March 7, 2011

A Brief Update About Iron Man 3

In the world of geeks, nerds, and dweebs, it is now considered cool to rip on "Iron Man 2." In fact, it's generally considered cool to rip on that one that come out before the new one comes out. Translation: if you're making part 3, be like Michael Bay and go in the press and say part 2 was crap. If you're making part 2, take the internet and say "this one is gonna make the first look like a game!" And now with Iron Man 3 wayyyyy on the horizon, writer/director Shane Black is doing just that.

Lemme break it down now with some recent Hollywood history. Once upon a time there was a movie star named Robert Downey Jr. who had a problem with drugs. People didn't want to work with him, but he was ready to make a comeback. So he got together with Shane Black, an accomplished screenwriter (he wrote Lethal Weapon) and actor (he was in Predator!) and made a film called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." The film is a zany murder mystery taking place in LA and is a whole lot of fun. Simply put, Downey and Black were back.

And now with Black set to direct Downey again in "Iron Man 3," which doesn't come out until 2013, the machine is slowly coming to life with some details. According to Aint It Cool News Black has said he's about to start writing and his aim is to tell a "Tom Clancy thriller" with real-world villains. I've always thought the greatest part in any Iron Man film was when he rolled into Afghanistan and destroyed those terrorist dudes, which is here below with the worst soundtrack ever

I'm intrigued to see "Iron Man" in a Tom Clancy thriller. All those old school Jack Ryan films, yeah you know "Clear & Present Danger," "The Hunt for Red October," and "Patriot Games" are pretty damn badass so Iron Man in that world could be fresh. Honestly though, the film is still a long ways off, and in the mean time we got the Avengers to get pumped for, so keep this one on the backburner for now.

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