February 17, 2011

Super Hero Smackdown: Thor rises in rankings

There are so many super-hero movies coming out this summer I've started a fluid rankings system as my excitement for each as the releases approach. With this new trailer for Thor, the film has rised in the rankings considerably. The blend of earth based action and fantastical beasts getting their ass whipped by Thor is appealing.

  1. X-Men First Class - Period based super heroes + interesting equals = dayum!
  2. Captain America - see above
  3. Thor - see above
  4. Green Lantern - Where are you bro?

1 comment:

  1. This trailer put Thor squarely on the top of my list. The other super-flicks have work to do to raise my enthusiasm to Thor levels. Cap is a near second (he's basically my favorite superhero, tied with Wolverine), and X-Men looks great too, although since I've already seen four x-films, the newness of Thor and Cap win me over. I don't have high hopes for Green Lantern. I think Reynolds was an epic miss-cast.