February 10, 2011

A Letter to the nine 9 year old explaining Commando

Dear Alex,

You're on the right path man, keep it up with your Arnold recaps. How do you know Jay Judah, he told me about the video, where did you meet him? Anyway, yeah, Arnold is the shit, you don't need to tell me that, but here are a couple of pointers that I want to recognize before you move forward with your dissertation of his body of work.

1. You are correct when you assume that "Arnold" is the star of all his movies. He does not play characters, he plays Arnold in every movie. They are all connected, yes, the prequel to Commando is Conan and the sequel to Commando is Twins.

2. You're lack of not mentioning "One Liners" is frustrating but I'll give you a free pass for the language barrier

3. When is your next Arnold recap. May I suggest Predator?

4. If you really want your mind to get blown, check out "Last Action Hero," it might be to meta for you, but you'll dig it.

5. Oceans, rivers, lakes, Arnold doesn't differentiate and either should you.

6. You may surprised that Arnold when he was the Governor of California did a lot to help out the flowers, yeah, I know he kills a lot of them in Commando, but he likes the environment

7. Have you ever seen Clueless, the bad man from Commando is in that. Different movie same mansion.

8. You're ability to jump large gaps in the story shows that you're hip to somewhat jagged narrative based storytelling, which is popular now, you ever think about screenwriting?

9. The child of Arnold is in more movies! As a grown up!

10. Keep up the good work!

Hasta La Vista,


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