February 1, 2011

How Does America Deal With A British Superman? With Captain America that's how

This man on the left is Henry Cavill. He is a British actor who as of Sunday is set to play Superman in Zack Snyder's Christopher Nolan produced Superman, which hits theaters in the Winter of 2012. Does he look like he could carry a train on his back and/or be a somewhat decent reporter? Does he look like he could beat Lex Luthor's ass and still have trouble romancing Lois Lane? Does he look like he's going to make an American icon eat bangers and mash? Whaaaaaat?

And so another iconic American super-hero is played by someone from the United Kingdom. Christian Bale is Welsh, Andrew Garfield (Spiderman) is British. And for what it's worth, Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) is a Canadian. Sounds like our super-hero companies have zero sense of patriotism. On the other hand delivering a bad movie that doesn't honor a legendary hero like Superman is the ultimate un-patriotic act.

Thank God for Marvel though who track record is much more Hamburger friendly. Most of their heros with the exception of Australian Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor, are American, and if you still are craving an American hero:


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