January 18, 2011

Looking Past the Silly Costumes in X:Men First Class

While you may have never guessed it, besides "Thor," "Captain America," and to some extent "Green Lantern" there is another major super hero movie this summer: "X-Men:First Class." Yes it's about the X-Men, and no, at this point in time Wolverine will not be in it.  And yes it's a prequel/reboot/redo. Did you know about that?

The film which for some reason wasn't at Comic Con last year takes places in the groovy 60s and focuses on the relationship between Magneto (Michael Fassbender on the left) and Professor X (James McAvoy on the right). Needless to say they aren't pals at the end of the film. Other mutants make appearances with Beast and Mystique in their younger forms appearing in the film.

Now before you write the film off for it's silly costumes keep in mind the original X-Men film in 2000 had a memorable prologue that showed a young Magneto during the Holocaust. In my opinion the films never lived up to this opening and this prequel could be that chance. Let's just hope that we don't miss Wolverine too much.

Now we have 3 new pictures from the film courtesy of scoop machine Geoff Boucher at Hero Complex at the LA TIMES (All photos belong to LA TIMES)
Xavier and Magneto
Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw (Look em up on Wikipedia)
The Team and some killer coats

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  1. Hmmm... Sebastian's sideburns aren't quite big enough. Guess they didn't want him to look so wolverineish. McAvoy's cocked eyebrow in the bottom pic is very Xavier. Fassbender as Magneto is what keeps my hopes high for this film despite the continuity clusterfuck/complete lack of regard for the comic history. Tim, when do we get a trailer?