January 21, 2011

Racing Turtles In This LA Life

Don't worry, I haven't become a seedy underworld mexican cock fighting addict. That being said these turtle races I went to last night were addicting. Turtle racing? What? Yeah you heard me. I'm taking a break from bringing you that cutting edge entertainment news to talk about an aspect of THIS LA LIFE that I've frequently heard of, but never experienced, until now.

Located on the seminal classic road of Lincoln blvd, the races take place at a bar called Brennan's Pub in Santa Monica/Venice/Marina Del Rey (aka, it's close to the ocean). Upon arrival to the joint you're assaulted with the sounds of a band ripping on 80's cover songs, which isn't a bad thing (Van Halen is the shit!). However, that's not the main draw, that would be the turtle racing syndicate in the back.

Basically the crowd gathers around the circle seen above. People can bring their own turtles or rent them from the establishment. Then each owner has to put the turtle in the white circle which has temporary pen around it (note the bar/drunk male patrons encourage women to put the turtles in the circle without bending their knees....figure this out). The pen is lifted and the turtles scramble for the ooze, I mean the outside of the circle, and yes some turtles move with mutant like speed.

Sounds....ok? I left one key detail out, if anyone points at the turtle, they get fined (with a max fine of $50 for repeat pointers). A point means the restart to the race, and let's just say some turtles that may be getting all Leonardo beast mode suddenly become nerdy ass Donatello's that don't want to move. You never know what you're gonna get with these four legged shelled frogs. All in all it's a great and addicting LA experience and a memorable part of THIS LA LIFE

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