January 14, 2011

Getting Buck In The Kitchen With Epic Meal Time (Featuring Special Guest Blogger KBEEZEATS

When it comes to cooking, I'm a master of quesadillas, nachos, and spaghettios. This summer I added pesto to my arsenal, but honestly my weapon supply is nowhere needed Ahnuld levels (Great video there). However, the fellows over at EPIC MEAL TIME have enough culinary firepower to bust open the worlds guts. My brother, the legendary Joe Francis tipped me off to these guys, and as far as I can tell they are a rare breed.

Now I don't watch culinary shows (I'd rather just it food yo) and I don't consider myself to be a foodie, I mean I know when food is good, but when it comes down to the minutia I'm clueless. Luckily my friend Kaelin, an operation managers at BlackboardEats and the editor of Hungry LA: 10th Anniversay Edition is a foodie and really knows her stuff. When I directed her to the cooking video above, she dropped this culinary knowledge:
EpicMealTime is like a top chef supermarket challenge, Man v. Food,
and a instructional video for thisiswhyyourefat.com that was shot in
the rich-boy frat house on campus where Four Loko is served with every
meal. While the aggro music, overuse of pork products, and single
volume (read: loud) of its host gives the video a macho feel, the
attention to detail with the bacon trough and cup (A for
presentation), the use of Miss Vickie's japaleno chips as breading for
the mozzarella sticks and the fact the he actually cooked chili,
belies his actual culinary interest. I'm excited (and disgusted) to
see what this guy comes up with next.

The Chili Four Loko is not the only insane concoction that is featured on the youtube page. Believe me there are more, and most of them involve bacon. That's right hipsters who worship bacon, time to get your bacon game up. These guys promise to "make your dreams come true and then eat them" and I believe them. It's like they are aliens from another universe where the aliens worship Julia Child and Miss Dash (CHI CITY MENG!). Sounds like a tasty planet.

"This one is for you Queen Julia"

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