February 26, 2010

Have an Buzzed Iron Weekend Folks

Locke & Ben To Team Up When Lost Ends? (Seriously)

How fitting that I wrote about "The Crazies" today because this news is super crazy. Apparently Terry O' Quinn is shopping an outline or "Bible" in TV speak of a new show where him and Michael Emerson (yes, him, aka Ben Linus) play suburban hitmen juggling family issues and um I guess killing people.

Terry O’Quinn, who plays Locke/Smoke Monster, tells me he is shopping around a bible for a TNT-type show that would pair him back up with his real-life chum and on-screen foe, Michael Emerson (Ben) - as suburban hit men juggling family issues. 
Ben and Locke together on one team? Are they married to each other? Who plays their wives? Juliet and Helen? Are Walt (what's up Eli) and Aaron their sons? Do they have a goofy neighbor named Jacob who has a penchant for numbers and stealing their newspaper?

It's Crazy That The Crazies Is Crazy Good

Horror remakes like this are not supposed to be this good. They're supposed to have one dimensional characters who act without reason, "The Crazies"focuses on three characters and develops their story to a fulfilling conclusion. Horror movies like this usually use audio cues to create cheap scares, and while "The Crazies" does this, it's the overriding tension and sense of dread that really fries your mind.

Timothy Olyphant plays a small town Sheriff with some big time problems. How big time we talking here? How about residents losing their minds and starting to kill their families? Not big enough time for you? How about the military coming in to contain the mindless residents. And not even big enough time for you. How about the fact that any one of the man characters could be losing their mind as the film goes on. That's pretty much all I'll say about the plot, but needless to say, everything is explained at the end.

All you cinematic naysayers need to relax, so what, "Crazies" director Breck Eisner made the poorly conceived (and lawsuit ridden) "Sahara," but that doesn't mean he's a bad director. In fact, his direction is one of the highlights of the film. The fights with the twisted town folks are shot in close quarters, adding urgency and shocking sense of reality to what usually is your standard gore fest. Together with cinematographer Maxime Alexandre, Eisner paints a terrifying view of a town descending from shining and cheery to shiny and cheery, but wait, I mean shiny with psychopaths with glimmering pitchforks who are cheery to kill you.

I mean, let's be honest, you are either interested in the movie or not. I don't think many people are doing double features with this and "An Education." But if you are on the brink of checking it out or just staying at home at watching your roommate play Call of Duty, go see "The Crazies," you won't be disappointed.

February 24, 2010

TPG's LOST Compass: The Lighthouse

Good Thing Hurley Has "Wide" Arms

Last night's episode of "Lost" simply titled the "The Lighthouse" was encouraging and frustrating at the same time. It was encouraging because it showed how the much hated Temple others connect with the big picture story-line and yet it was frustrating because there were no real definitive answers given, just more hints. So let's grab our old school pirate telescope and smash this episode to pieces.

1. Say what you want about the "flash sideways" story of Jack and his son, but I found this to be a great little moving vignette about Jack. Granted, I have no idea how it fits into the greater mystery, but I guess I'm just going to have to be a man of faith and trust the writers. Jack Shephard and his son was a great counter episode to the classic daddy drama episode "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" from season 1.
2. Last week we saw the names on the ceiling of the cave, now we have the names of the wheel at the lighthouse. I believe that last week's cave was good ol Smokey's abode and this week's ocean front real estate Lighthouse was Jacob's. By the way, how chill is Jacob? Yeah go to my spot, kick down the door, break all my antique furniture, it's ok man, oh yeah brah you have ink on your head! I wish my friends and family were as relaxed as him.
3. SLIGHT MIND BENDER- The significance of marking 108 on the lighthouse wheel cannot be understated. Let me remind all you Lost disciples out there that 108 is the sum of the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) so whatever at that mark is important. By way the way those reflections in the mirror are really interesting.
4. The whole Claire and " not John Locke" thing is really bugging with my mind, but not for reasons you might think. Locke and Claire have an interesting relationship to say the least; he built Aaron's crib, he helped her in time of need, you know what I mean. Way back in season one in the episode "Raised by Another" (or should it be called "Raised By An Other?") Claire in a bizarre dream sequence finds Locke in the jungle with one white eye and one black eye. I can't help but think this clue is important. How? Check out the next point.
5. Last week we saw "Locke" flip out when he saw the boy with bloody hands in the jungle. The boy reminded him of the rules and told him that he can't kill him (not the boy himself, but some other lost figure). Is it possible that this boy is Aaron? Does Aaron have some real deep significance to the Island? Is he the one that brings balance to the force? Is he the new Jacob? Is he the new Locke? The new Frogurt? Whoa, think i just blew my own mind a little bit.
6. That's it for now. I'll leave you guys with this beautiful shot from Last night's episode.

February 22, 2010

24 Points About 24: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

1.  So at the start of the season Bauer was all over the bluetooth and now he's switched to an old school wired headset. What's the deal Bauer? Bluetooth drop it's sponsorship after too consecutive violent episodes. Maybe Jack pull a Tiger Woods and find Buddhism as a way out?
2. After icing that Russian dude, the Indian Jason Schwartzman made a sweet mix tape with Grizzly Bear, DeerTick, Deerhoof, and Band of Horses all on it. He has a thing for animal based indie rock bands.
3. Chloe asks Jack if he's ok after the torture sesh? What kind of rookie ass question is that? This is the 8th year of Jack's life, torture for him is as routine as getting together with Tony Almeida for USC football games.
4. Wouldn't be a White House in 24 with some shady slippery bro coniving behind the scenes.
5.  If there is one thing that FPJ hates, it's nosy geeks from CTU named Arlo. I mean FPJ hates nerds, we learned that in "Freddie."
6.  Say what you want about these indie rock bros but there is a certain charm in a bunch of guys who woo girls out of club and into a shady kidnap van.
7. Agent Walker has gone from looking like some hot ass Megan Fox babe to some type of freckled cute housewife.
8. I'm ashamed and saddened that I didn't comment on Indian Jason Schwartzman's soul patch. This is clearly a nod to legendary soul patch wearer Tony Almeada (http://www.almeidaisgod.com/).
9. Finally a real terrorist threat for 24. However this is whole scene of the Arab's talking about "making them fear us" and "toppling an giant with a stone" completely reinforces Arab stereotypes, then again this entire show enforces stereotypes of everyone.
10. This investigator who interrogates 24 is a spiritual successor the legendary Sherry Palmer, the high queen evil bitch priestess of 24. To this day she is the greatest woman ever on the show and I mean that as a compliment.
11. At this point in the season Jack's only motivation has to be that he is deeply in love with Renee Walker and feels the need to protect her. I don't have a problem with this as long as the writers craft a good moving story around it.
12. Jack Bauer has taken down over 300 people, yet two cowardly CTU security folks can take him down with a taser?
13. The Indian Schwartzman had to get out of there to go find Fluffy.
14. "So this is the new CTU, where you hang your own?" says Jack Bauer. Ummmm, as opposed to the old CTU where you take your boss out to the train yard and shoot him in the back of the head.
15. Director Hasting's office at CTU is like the VIP of the coolest club in Manhattan, nice leather couches, big glass windows, techo displays, you know.
16. FPJ's accent has changed over 4,815,162,342 times in this episode.
17. "My name isn't Dana Walsh......It's John Locke......"
18. These  Arab commandos are so amateur,  who doesn't silence their cell phone when on a mission.
19. CTU has all these drones but they never are useful for anything besides spying on  Dana Walsh.
20. Jack Bauer can't say no to a mission. This is a cold hard fact of 24. I mean the dude volunteered to fly a nuke into the desert.
21. If there is one thing that FPJ hates it's hippie indie rock bros living in a van....down by the river.....smoking drugs....who call him Soldier Boy.........telll.......em
22. The bearded bro is so pissed the non bearded bro took the deal without consulting him. I mean this guy needs to learn what is really matters.;Having a sweet beard, girls, and money.
23. Haven't seen Freddie Prince Jr use a shotgun like that since Summer Catch. So glad this terrible plot line has come to a close.
24. I don't like to use a point on the previews for next week but the fact that TIM makes an appearance next week gets me real excited.

Pandora Is Real! (Insane Video)

Somewhere in this thing lies Pandora, I'll find it, you watch

Why We Love The Winter Olympics (and don't try to deny it)

The main reason people are so into the Winter Olympics is because we love to watch others, particularly people with extraordinary abilities fail. Seeing athletes choke is part of the joy of the sports and there is no better showcase than the Winter Olympics. After all if a pair of ice skaters that have breathed ice and triple axels their entire lives can't pull off one routine, our typos on emails (and blogs) aren't that bad.

Now I know you folks out there are thinking, yo TPG, what's with the negative attitude towards athletic competition? Did you get kicked off the T-ball team for poor hitting. Well yeah, I did, but that's not the point. Take a look around, we love watching people fail, in fact one of the fastest growing sites on the internet, is failblog.org. In these dark times for the world watching others squander opportunity is almost delightful.

For example, when Peyton Manning threw that interception in the super bowl, we know he was pissed. But we didn't see him reeming m out his recievers, the camera just moved on. But in the olympics, if you don't land a spin in pairs ice skating, you know you partner is going to be giving you that frigid stare of cold icy death for the entire routine (or life). Here is the equation for TV ratings:

(Pre-event hype) x (Status of Athlete + History of the Event) x (Magnitude of the Fail) = Viewer Enjoyment

Look, I'm happy that BRRROOOOOOOde Miller finally got some hardware and I loved seeing Shaun White melt faces, but don't kid yourself America; We love watching to see people choke on the chilly wind of Olympic glory.

February 19, 2010

Be Excellent To Each Other This Weekend

Leo Returns To Bawstin In Style: Shutter Island Review


"Shutter Island" is thrilling example of how movies should be made. If "Avatar" is what happens when a  film wizard gets unlimited cash money to spend on technology, "Shutter Island" is what happens when a master storyteller gets his loot to spend on story, characters, and just sheer creative movie-making power. Based off the novel by Dennis Lehane, the film plays like a breath of fresh air in a cinematically penitentiary full of wolfmen, bounty hunters, and Amanda Seyfrieds.

By now you probably know the story is about two "dooley appointid Fideral Mahshals" who descend on a island based psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane to find a missing patient. I'm going to lightly dabble in spoiler territory and say there is WAY more to the story than that. Speaking of this story, this is a screenplay that moves as quickly as patient breaking free from an asylum. Writer Laeta Kalogridis (fresh off story duties on "Avatar") has crafted a script that contains interesting characters, multiple plot twists, and a firm grasp of the overall story that serves as a type of anchor the thrilling narrative.

But let's talk about direction, after all this is Martin Scorsese we are talking about here. Not counting the Rolling Stones documentary, this is is first film after winning his long overdue Academy Award for "The Departed," and needless to say he's at the top of his game. Wait, in fact, not only he is operating in fine form, but he is also taking risks with his style. There is one giant tracking shot in the middle that is incredibly shocking and I challenge you to forget it. This is a dark pulse pounding movie and Scorsese is the grand overseer of the tension that permeates the film.

All parties involved here are operating at the top of their game. Leonardo DiCaprio proves why he is one of the greatest living actors around (which makes him worthy of Bar Refaeli by the way). The supporting cast is dialed in, the direction is masterful, and the story is so intriguing that the film demands multiple viewing. In fact the only thing that's missing from the film is a cameo from Boston hometown hero Matt Damon, or Ben Affleck, or considered last nights victory of the Lakers, Celtic Paul Pierce.

February 17, 2010

American Pie Rebake Coming To The Screen

Yes My Son, I Know It's Tragic

Today the Los Angeles Times reported that Universal Pictures is making a new American Pie film. At first as I like, whoah, they really are remaking everything in sight.

Universal, which made and distributed the pop-phenomenon original, is developing a new version with an eye toward resetting the property as a theatrical franchise.
The studio is in talks to bring on "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg to script a new take on the franchise, 

But when you really think about it, I'll give the remake demons American Pie, as long as they don't touch Back To The Future, ET, The Matrix, or Jaws.....oh wait, they are remaking JAWS.

TPG's LOST Compass: The Substitute

Let's just establish a one thing right out of the gate here. I would be terrified if I had John Locke as a substitute teacher in any subject, not just anatomy. That being said here are couple of observations to wrap your minds around.

1. Kate's name was not chalked onto the ceiling of Jacob's little romantic bungalow. This is mind rattling because she met Jacob when she was a child.
2. My fellow castaways pointed out that talking about Jacob "touching" young Sawyer and young Kate sounds really shady.
3. Going back to Kate not having a number and not being on the ceiling. Could this mean that Kate is some form of wild card? Perhaps her free wheeling attitude allows her to be unclaimed, or is just that Jacob and The Man In Black are proper old gents and don't want to include females in their cosmic battle (note this would also explain why he doesn't know if he's Jin or Sun who Jacob got to).
4. While this probably means nothing in season 3, good ol patchy reveals a little information about "the list" check out this quote from lostpedia:
He said that it was impossible for her to understand because she was not on "the list". He then went on to detail specific reasons why they were not on the list, indicating that Kate was "flawed", Sayid was "frightened", Rousseau was "weak", and Locke was "angry"
At this point, Kate wasn't on the ceiling, if you believe Dogen, Sayid is claimed, Rousseau is dead, and well Locke, we know where he's at. So perhaps good ol Patchhhy boy was onto somethin.'
5. I like this idea of "candidates" and I while it will spawn a stream of t-shirt sales at Comic Con it is an interesting concept, and one that we have seen before. Let us not forget that before John Locke died, he was constantly being evaluated to see if he was capable as a potential leader.
6. If Sawyer is on team Locke, then Sawyer's opposite, Jack Sheppard is now most certainly on team Dogen. I believe that all that business last week with the pill and Sayid was mainly a test of the loyalty and leadership capabilities of Jack, a test mind you, that he passed with flying colors. So get ready for the final Jack and Sawyer showdown.
7. MIND MELT, here it comes: In the last episode Dogen spoke of "a sickness" something that was mentioned in previous seasons by Rousseau, Ethan, and the others. And now in this episode the concept of "the rules" rises again. The boy in jungle reminds Locke that he "knows the rules" which is similar to Ben and Widmore's conversation in the classic season 4 episode "The Shape of Things to Come." I'm very excited to see where this general theme takes us in later parts of the season.
8.  It was nice to Locke finally get some good loving, even if he shows his fiance his case full of knives on the day he gets fired (strange idea there Johnnn Boy), but it's getter harder for me to see the importance of the "flash sideways" timeline. The events on the Island are so damn interesting, and the ones in Los Angeles, not so much. We all know they are going to be connected, but I hope they fuse in a LEGO way, not some lame ass DUPLO way.

February 16, 2010

Avatar Role Playing Community

I know this is supposed to be a satire, but I mean if I didn't have a job, I'd probably be into this.

February 15, 2010

24 Points About 24: 11:00-12:00

Jack's favorite way to kill Russians: Foot Based Neck Snap

1. Oh man, the super bros are "celebrating their score" in Jersey City.  Hopefully "The Situation" will join them for one of the most epic TV crossovers ever.
2. Jenny's boyfriend friend/partner in crime/professional power bros sounds like Kenny Powers.
3. The evil indie rock bro is Southern, I guess this means he's Jim James from My Morning Jacket.
4. I really thought that it would be impossible to top the insanely annoying level of Jeanane Garafolo from last season, but Jenny is just about there.
5. These terrorists or "Russianists" think that punching Jack Bauer is going to bother him? When Jack Bauer takes a punch, to him it feels like a angel whispering on his face.
6. For someone from cold ass Russia, the head Russian honcho has got some  really nice soviet tan going on. See this tan on the left.
7. I never would have thought that the shady boyfriend indie rock bumbling criminal idiots would have more screen time than the President.
8. This guy seems to think he can get answers out of Bauer in hours. Jack Bauer's entire life is a dark kind of deep psychological torture. His wife Teri was killed by his lover Nina, his friend and partner Tony turned into a terrorist, and his best friend in the world is a bumbling awkward computer nerd named Chloe.
9. You wanna talk about real villians, let's talk about the 24 writers, dangling the termination of the lamest storyline in 24 history in front of our faces, and then not doing it. Jenny could have saved us by telling FPJ the truth but then nope, the stupid story line continues, now with Jenny as Rambo
10. The Jack Bauer footkill that was delivered to the electro villain has now taken the place as the best Jack Bauer foot kill since season 5's death of legendary Russian terrorist Bierko.
11. When your head of state father has already shown what he does to people who cross him, why the hell would you spill the beans about your love for someone in his cabinet? The President's daughter need to take a page from the Palmer handbook.
12. All my fellow 24 CTU agents are in agreemenent that the best part of the season so far is President Hassan spiraling out of control with his paranoid delusions.
13. If Bauer had a Sprint cell phone he wouldn't have had to kill that dude for a phone with service.
14. Having Bauer take out the lights reminds me of the scene in Batman Begins where Batman stalks the goons at the docks. WHERE ARE YOU?........"Heyah"
15. The music during this episode is great, give it up for 24 composer Sean Callery.
16. In a very strange homage to Die Hard, our hero goes shoeless (a fellow CTU agent pointed this out while watching) but then also evades gunfire by crawling underneath tables only to bust out at the last minute for an epic takedown. It's a shame that Bauer didn't drop a one liner on us like good ol Bruce Willis.
17. It is highly possible that this could be the season where the villian is not drastically switched at the half way point. So far we are about a quarter of the way through and we've gone through two villians. I like to think the big villain is actually Hassan and we've been witnessing his transform to the big baddie over the course of the season. Give it a couple of episodes and Jack will be kicking the doors down of the UN.
18. I wonder if there are any Government Agents in real life that can get President Obama on the line at any time?
19. Arlo is the shadiest guy in CTU, just sending his drone around New York City spying on chicks making out with their old lovers.
20. Someone on that CTU assault team FPJ rolled out to is going to bite a bullet. It's either the old wide bald headed sage, the silver fox asian dude, or the young rookie that doesn't know how put his vest. My bet is on the rookie.
21. Just like Bauer, when the entire swat team rolls into somewhere, FPJ doesn't bother to take a big rifle, just a small little pistol, get your Call of Duty Modern Warfare armory game up.
22. Gotta admit, the hanging pendant on the stolen rods was a poetic touch.
23. Harping on old jokes is lame, but boy, Farhaad really really looks like the Indian Jason Schwartzman.
24. Now I don't want to speak to soon but so far this season is breaking the "even number season curse*."

* Historically, the odd number seasons of 24 are the best.

Kiefer Is Kicking So Much Ass This Season That He Hurt Himself

First off, I wish Kiefer a speedy recovery from his injuries. However that being said what a badass. Check out this article that just broke today:
The star and executive director of the hit show - who plays special agent Jack Bauer - suffered a ruptured cyst while shooting in New York last week, and filming has been postponed by 20th Century Fox Studios for the next few days until he recovers
It won't delay filming. But either way, feel better Kiefer and keeping kicking ass Jack

February 12, 2010

Centurion Trailers Hits (And Hits Again)

Neil Marshall, acclaimed director of "The Descent" and "Dog Soldiers", and hated director of "Doomsday" returns. I already had my ticket before this trailer came out.

February 10, 2010

TPG's LOST Compass: What Kate Does

Welcome to my weekly attempt to provide some reason and direction regarding Lost. I'm not going to walk around in the jungle here, let's get right into it.

1. We know that many familiar faces are coming back to the show this season (see this poster for reference).
2. Last the night Annoying Asian Dude (aka the AAD) who refused to give the answers we desperately crave told us that Sayid who was once dead, was now corrupted (nice job by the writers having him take a whole episode to do this).
3. Ok here's where I detonate jughead on your faces, so hold on to your minds cause they are about to get blown to pieces.
4. The Man In Black has shown that he has the ability to take over people's body, like he currently has with Locke, did with Alex, Christian, Yemi, etc.
5. I think that Sayid's body has been taken over by the Man In Black force, of course this means I trust AAD. But more importantly, I think that everyone who has ever died on the Island (see point #1) will be coming back in the corrupted form. Yes this includes the new Rouseauifed Claire. This would explain how they have managed to get all the actors back in a way that logical, well at least in Lost logic.
6. So with all these zombies coming back (Damon & Carlton have joked about a zombie season) the only people left to terminate these evil Losties would be our heroic castaways. So basically, we're going to get some real deal conclusions here, uhhh, in the form of a gigantic battle where tons of people on both sides are dying. Some people will opt out of the battle mainly the emo-wuss Sawyer, who will some how reunite with Juliet and die in a cave with her, becoming Adam and Eve. By the way I hope Sawyer becomes Mel Gibson/Liam Neeson Takeified and starts kicking serious ass this season!
PAUSE FOR A POTENTIAL MIND MELT: Some people on the message boards think that Man In Black is actually the good guy and the others who are "bad" guys. This would be nuts but how do we really know which side is which. After all don't all the Losties really want is to go home. Sounds like Locke/MIB in the first episode of the season.
7. Yo, TPG, what's good, how will it end? Oh, no shit, I guess you want to know. I think it will end like this. Jack and Locke will be on a beach all there friends are dead by their hands. They will sit on the beach (this is taken from Jeff Jensen), realize that they can't ever leave and watch a plane crash on the Island. The cycle will begin again.

Notes: I mean I'm a honest guy, so I'm going to honest with you good folks. I don't know how this theory connects the alternate timeline. Then again I don't know how Kate could break free from the cops in a stolen taxi, find a friendly mechanic to cut off her chains, then take the taxi back to Claire, then go to a house, stand up for a stranger, then go to a hospital, then evade arrest either. By the way, last night's episode was not good.

February 8, 2010

24 Points About 24: 10:00-11:00PM

 Oh hey buddy!
1. I have no idea why President Taylor has such loose lips, especially to those un-trustworthy Lobster back red coats
2. The episode was great but it would have been a whole lot cooler if Jack kept those glasses on the whole time.
3. How many different blue tooth frequencies are in play at any one time in CTU, every one has got one , don't the signals every get crossed?
4. The only good thing to come from the terrible terrible Dana Walsh story line is some great cross editing between locations, different camera types, and creative camera placements.
5. These two indie rock brah wanna be bank robbers are bunch of Abbot and Costellos, mixing up the numbers 3801? "Mann it's too many numbers."<----Actual line.
6. Are all the evidence depots so easy to infiltrate? If so I'm raiding the video game, action figure, and DVDs depot of evidence.
7. Russian Gangsters love alcohol and bread. This is the first time that the words "Cut me some bread" have ever been  uttered on 24.
8. Pacifico beer makes it's first appearance in 24 this season!
9. Somewhere in this sprawling Russian club/disco/nightclub/penny arcade, Hassan's Jason Schwartzman's brother is still crying in his hands while surrounded by prositutes.
10. After all these years getting owned by CTU, you think the terrorists would learn to not say certain buzz words like "nuclear fuel rods" and "dangerous materials" while on the phone. I mean step your code word came up, I hear you are selling "pixie sticks" with "extra sugar," you know things like that.
11. Good to see the 18 wheelers with the uranium cruising on the Brooklyn bridge, in case you didn't know THIS SEASON TAKES PLACE IN NEW YORK CITY!
12. Hassan rocking those hipster shades in the office, yet once the phone rings they come off, what was he doing listening to some deeeep A.R. Rahman tracks (Sick Indian Techno Track Right There)?
13. The transformation of Hassan from sympathetic leaeder to extremist leader is the best plotline of the season.
14.  I've been watching this show for a long time, and I never would have thought I have seen a water pistol gag. It's almost as if the writers know that this plotline is terrible and know they are just getting all meta and messing with us..
15. The very fact that 24 has well written sympathetic Arab characters is a great example of how the show has adapted to the geo-politic climate. Four years ago any Arab character on 24 would been scheming and plotting, with a new scheme each hour, yes I'm talking about your Marwan
16. Renee Walker getting her Benjamin Linus on an stabbing the shit out the abusive Russian.
17. Does Renee Walker think that knives can hurt Jack? Clearly she knows, like all 24 viewers that Jack cannot be hurt by knives, bullets, bombs, arrows, lasers, photon cannons, plasmids, siege towers, X Wings, and also Nazgul.
18. Jack pulls a knife out of his chest, Olympic tosses it into  Goatee dude's throat, then shoots the bro hiding behind a wall, yes ladies and gentleman, this is how you top an episode two axe kill.
19. .0000001 percent of me hopes that the rest of the episodes of this season are a large New York broadway musical style (CLASSIC VIDEO) epic romance between Jack and Renee.
20. I just realized we are seven hours in and no one has been tossed off a sky scraper. This needs to change soon.
21. Great shot from inside the closet with the dude approaching.
22. Just a bunch of bros with some stolen cash, some stolen drugs, and some stolen water pistols cruising in New York drinking a driving. Such a great message for the kids: find a smart girl who may or may not go on to work at a government agency, show up six years later, and then bribe her to get what you want.
23. I hoped with all my soul that Dubaku was alive and living in the sewers.
24. I don't like to comment on previews, but looks like we are going to get our obligatory Jack gets tortured episode which of course leads to Jack getting sweet vengeance on the torturer in the later hours of the episode next week.

February 1, 2010

24 Points About 24: 9:00-10:00PM

 Yeah, brah, thanks for letting me crash here brah!
1. 5 Seconds and Jack is already out of the car, says multiple buddies who watch with me, looks like one of the writers is not a fan of automobiles, this is a good thing.
2. It is very comforting that in a world of bluetooth headsets, Jack Bauer still holds the phone to his ear. This is a metaphor for Bauer's dependency on the system and his difficulty living a normal life.
3. The high five indie rock Tony Montana bros gave each other when they found out about the Russian drug money was one of the lowest points in 24 history. It was like they were congratulating each other of getting a leak of the new Arcade Fire album mon.
4. Glad to know that even Russian gangsters have a conscience when it comes to Nuclear weapons, I mean selling AK-47's, no problem, but nukes, hey, I gotta think about that.
5. With each episode the amount of eyeliner that Renee Walker increases by the hour, by the end she will she will look like some type of demonic clown.
6.  No patient name on the test results, watch out nurse, looks like you're going to be the one that takes the blame when that internal review comes around. And what an internal review that is going to be when the the Doctor who ordered the test got iced.
7.  I never would have thought have I would have been excited to hear that FPJ spent some time in Falujah. Great character.
8.  Ever notice how all the guns Jack uses this season all originate from nice form fitting Styrofoam cases, that actually were probably manufactured by Jonas Hodges at the Starkwood company.
9.  All this talk about getting drunk and making bad decisions sounds very like a usual night on the town with Kiefer Sutherland. One drink here, one more drink, then next thing you know your head butting gay dudes and tackling Christmas trees.
10. It's sad that this season's plot involving President Taylor is the most boring ass presidential plot in the history of 24. That being said it is the most realistic presidential plot line on 24.
11. Oh damn, Hassan is turning into a paranoid mess, is it possible that the 24 writers are using his character as a metaphor for the rise toward fundalmentism and extremisin the Middle East?
12. His name is Arlos Glass, clearly related to Ira Glass star of This American Life on NPR, who is the spiritual and emotional jedi father to www.thislalife.com
13. Chloe's ass. WTF?
14. Looks like the shady indie rock Tony Montana brahs drive a hipster van. I smell a subplot season involving them using the money to start an Indie  band made up of 135 bearded men who drink PBR and watch "Pete and Pete" reruns.
15. Agent Walker has some nice tan lines, perhaps she was fortunate enough to log some time on the beach in a bikini in her prior mission.
16. "There is no other way," says Renee Walker. And let's just be clear this is one of the most interesting and inventive storylines ever on 24. Usually the people Jack gets to go undercover don't last for an episode and if they do they end up going nuts and killing a valuable source of information.
17. The British Primer Minister is really confused about his drinking buddy from the Middle East getting hauled off. "Goood Day Sir? Are we missing tea time"
18. Fact Check: Radiation poisoning is transferable-check here for the answer.
19. The kill count for innocent people this season is da Nooo Yawk City Cawp, his wife, and the docta.
20. Bauer with glasses! Grew up traveling with his father! Speaking German! Smoking Cigs! Why has he not been doing these things in prior seasons?
21. Assuming that all events take place in real time, the Russian mobster dude lasted about 2.2 minutes with Renee Walker, I'm not sure if he should be proud of that or not.
22.  Renee Walker is wearing the exact same hair style, outfit, and attidute of Sarah Connor from the deceased Fox series: Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Coincidence or will Sky Net be introduced this season.
23. FPJ with the Scooby Doo Sniper Rifle coming through in the clutch! And he did it alone!
24. Other seasons used to just let it rip right from the start and then put together the pieces for the 20 episodes after. This season is a gradually heating up, let's just hope the payoff is worth it.