December 17, 2010

Tron Legacy: A Great Music Video

"Tron Legacy" is a two hour Daft Punk music video starring a Jedi Jeff Bridges. Sure other people appear but none of them come close to matching the techno-zen-rave-diety status of the almighty J. Bridges. In fact it's pretty far out to think about the entire film as some type of bizarre sequel to "The Big Lebowski," where our protagonist is still looking for his rug, albeit in a fourth technological dimension.

Directed by first timer Joseph Kosinski and the film is sleek techno adventure ride with a killer soundtrack. Notice that I referred to the movie as a ride and not a film. The plot is here is a garbled mess involving data discs, computer program genocide, epic daddy issues, and motorcycle riding. "The Grid" were all the super cool business goes down is a land of "infinite possibility" but the filmmakers never embrace this. For all it's visual trickery and innovative sound design and score, the whole thing just feels very safe, there is no risk here. I mean where is my Julian Assange cameo?

Now that you know that the plot and everything else is a mess, let's just talk about the film as techno adventure. Here the film succeeds.  Daft Punk's score overpowers the movie and if it wasn't for Bridges' zen (lines include "you really messing with my whole zen thing" the score would totally overpower the film. Visually the 3D is really trippy and even without the 3D, the glowing robes and colorful outfits pop off the screen. Peep the progression below to understand the film

Cool looking people roll into a techno future club in slow motion to this music

Cool looking EVIL people show up at the club and huge battle breaks out.

That's pretty much the movie right there. Cool looking people fighting, driving, exploding to rocking techno. If that sounds like your jam, then you probably already saw it or have your tickets. If not, then maybe try out "The Kings Speech."

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