December 13, 2010

Life The Movie: Secret Codes on Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci was one smooth dude. Think about it, the dude died in 1519 and even today he still has people losing their minds over his painting, a best-selling book, a smash hit franchise, and a dope supporting role in a hit video game series. And now, if he can't get any cooler, according to this recent news story, art historians have discovered secret letters and numbers on "The Mona Lisa." Yes, yes, basically it confirms everything you already knew, "The Da Vinci Code" is real.

Above is the close up the eye where the symbols are discovered, now I'll be honest I don't really see any symbols there except the Assassin's Creed logo (above), wait, what? But according to the Silvano Vinceti you need a magnifying glass to see them. Who is Silvano? He's the head of the National Committee for Cultural Heritage and apparently a little bit of Da Vinci fanatic, check out his history of obsession here.

Either way, let's give up for Leonardo. The guy is still making people lose their shit almost 500 years after he died. Not too mention he has the coolest Ninja Turtle named after him, and there is no higher honor than that.

Thanks to adventurer @AjMattero for the tip


  1. He's also a leading player in Marvel's new S.H.I.E.L.D. comic series. Dude is immortal.

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