December 8, 2010

Finding The Humor In WikiLeaks

As I said last week, I am fascinated by the Wikileaks saga. This Assange fellow seems to have the world on his finger tips and with him now locked away, he basically is getting his Obi Wan / Darth Vader on and saying that if they strike him down he will become even more powerful. Thankfully, someone is looking at the organization with smile on their face ( a laughing smile, not a "we're gonna nail this sonafabitch Gary" smile). The people I'm speaking about are the good folks at always reliable The Onion and pretty much every Star Wars nerd out there who follows the news.

Since I brought up the Assange Jedi connection earlier, let's start with WOOKIELEAKS, the twitter hashtag that hilariously puts a star wars twist on it the real life political debacle. The tweets contain both deep Star Wars references and casual ones and they really remind me of the great short film TROOPS, featured above. The stellar LA TIMES blog Hero Complex has a great collection of the wookie leaks here. Here is a sample from @gideonyago
Whistleblower claims 2 meter thermal exhaust port leads directly to reactor core, Death Star vulnerable 
But they aren't the only ones cracking jokes at the leaks. The Onion now has a hilarious entire section devoted to the leaks. The top story is "Julian Assange Fired From IT Job At The Pentagon," and the hits keep coming after that. Unlike the wookieleaks, these are full stories and almost all of them in some way reference the original leaks.

And of course, Saturday Night Live, once the leader in hilarity also weighed in on the controversy last weekend, including a mildly funny TMZ like sketch. Sure it got me to smile, but I'll stick to the Star Wars references and witty commentary that makes me cry.

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