December 10, 2010

UPDATED WITH TRAILER - Can The Marvel Machine Sell Thor?

Today is Kenneth Branagh's birthday. And so it is fighting that on his 50th birthday, the advertising blitz for "Thor," the film he directed should begin. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how this summer's "Green Lantern" and "Thor" represent a risky departure for the super hero film genre. And now we have our first official poster for Marvel Entertainment's "Thor" and the word is we should have a trailer tonight (check back in for updates).

Sometimes it's hard to remember that in 2008, "Iron Man" was a middle ground super-hero and making the film, let alone casting wild card Robert Downey Jr. was a gamble. Now "Iron Man" is the anchor of the entire Marvel Universe, a household name, and capable of creating nerd poetry. With "The Avengers" on the horizon, it was announced recently that "Iron Man 3" will be a direct sequel to not only "Iron Man 2," but also "Thor" and "The Avengers."

But "Thor" is not Iron Man. And while the initial posters look similar (striking background, heroic weapons), it is no doubt easier to sell a playboy bachelor surrounded by hot babes and cool toys to the world than a Asgardian viking warrior with some serious domestic issues. With this poster and the upcoming trailer, Marvel certainly has it's work cut out for it with Mr. Hammer Time. However, I'm hopeful, Marvel sold "Iron Man" on some simple images. Iron Man blows up tanks, beds hot chicks and flies around kicking ass.  Thor kicks ass with a hammer, makes things explode, and beds Natalie Portman, who is number one on many bros list of ultimate babes, so they have that in common.

I think "Marvel" is going to try to sell "Thor" kind of the same way. I mean, people have to show up if we see someone getting destroyed by a gigantic hammer right? Right?

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  1. That's pretty detailed for a teaser trailer. I'm gonna go ahead and say they've got a winner. I am a marvel zombie, so bear that in mind when I say this looks WAY better than the Green Lantern film. Hope both films blow the doors open on some kooky sci-fi Jack Kirby-esque comic films!