November 11, 2010

Mind Melt: Holographic World Cup in 2022

Consider this an an ultra supreme super sized mind melt with Manchego, Gouda, Bacon, Chives, Mayo, and caramel syrup.

According to a report released today, Japan in a bid for the 2022 World Cup has announced a plan to broadcast 3D holographic images of the games into stadiums around the world. And I when I say project, I mean basically have the broadcast be life size on the field just like the game was actually there.
Japan's bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup includes an initiative called Universal Fan Fest, a $6 billion plan to treat fans around the world to live 3D telecasts of tournament matches. Four hundred stadiums in 208 countries would provide some 360 million people with live 3D feeds of games played in Japan, where each game would be captured from 360 degrees by 200 HD cameras.
Take a look at the image above and then just imagine it on a much larger scale, like stadium scale and that's roughly how it would work. As if the World Cup isn't awesome enough. Yeah, I know it hurts my mind too.

*All I gotta say is that if they are broadcasting the World Cup there is no reason that couldn't broadcast original programing into stadiums as well. And if you're not following my train of thought here, I'm thinking about broadcasting epic gladiatorial battles into stadiums.

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