November 8, 2010

Mexicans, Montages, and Mothers: The Brilliance of Eastbound & Down

Kenny Powers is the rawest, filthiest, hilarious, and honest character on television. He also happens to be a perfect microcosm of what it means to be an American in today's world. Now before you get all freaked out about a racist drug using washed up pitcher representing our country, think about what really drives Kenny: love and the need for acceptance.

Last night's finale to the second season of "Eastbound & Down" was about our getting his life back on track, sure that track might be constructed on a bootleg budget, but nevertheless it looks like Kenny is really finding his way. Opening with a hilarious scene at the border, where Kenny, like many people in our country was able to use his celebrity to get out of jam, the script saw Kenny really make some tough decisions about his life. Also, there was a lot of montages.

Jody Hill, Ben Best, and Danny McBride, the creative gurus behind the show clearly love taking a crunchy track and showing some wild shit in slow motion. Looking back, almost every episode of this show has a montage set to some semi-obscure jam. For everyone that wonders, the theme of the song, is actually a scorching blues song by Freddie King called "Goin Down," hopefully you'll feel a little bit like Kenny himself when you listen to it.

Can we talk about Kenny please? This is by all means a terrible person. He does drugs, treats most women like objects, and is insanely arrogant. Nevertheless he is a lot like all of us. He's a sucker for love, he's got one dream girl. He wants to succeed professionally, even if it means some tough personal decisions. And finally, like everyone at one point in their lives, something happens that brings reality right into their strike zone. For Kenny, it was the realization that he will be a father, and his dream girl is the mother.

This realization reminded me of the end of the "The Graduate," suddenly Kenny has everything he wanted: a chance a the majors, a lunch with his dream girl, and a chance to be a better father than this own, and his was terrified of it. The show closing out with Kenny and April walking together (are they holding hands?) was a great way of showing how real life has finally caught up to Kenny. No more Mexican cock-fighting, jet ski riding, or other shenanigans, just real life sitting in Kenny's glove, ready for him to throw some heat.

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