November 11, 2010

Hollywood's New Villain: The Moon!


Have you ever thought how shady the moon is? Unlike the sun which give power to all things and makes us tan, the moon just chills up there and controls our tides. The sun is always the same, a big ass circle in the sky, the moon is in a perpetual identity crisis, always shifting up it's shape on us. Well if you've ever thought this things, consider yourself one of the masses, because Hollywood, with it's looming crop of "moon movies" has now determined that the moon is a shady evil deity that wants to kill us.

The first movie is the recently announced "Apollo 18" from the Weinstein Brothers. The film is the latest in the "found footage" genre and tells the story of two astronauts stuck on the moon with some evil little alien buggers trying to kill them. The "found footage" is supposedly the tapes that made of the encounter which have been classified by Napster, I mean, NASA. I've read the script and it's a cool two person thriller which does a great job of not letting us see the evil moon based aliens, but still making them terrifying.

But wait, stop your mooning, there is more. Titled "Dark Moon," this film is set up at Dark Castle Pictures, the production house behind films like "Gothika" and "The Reaping." It's a little different from "Apollo 18" in that we actually see what the astronauts are up against and it's full on hardcore Sci-Fi insanity with aliens and alien structures, but that's all I'm saying. It also has the moon rover, which is the greatest non-fictional vehicle ever.

And if those two aren't enough, there is also the long rumored Doug Liman and Jake Gyllenhaal moon thriller coming eventually. Yes, I know it's a little bit of moon overload, but just in case you can't handle all these small little art house films, the new "Transformers" flick will also have some moon related business, Pink Floyd be damned, check out the title below.

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