November 10, 2010

The Eagle Trailer (Channing Tatum Action Star?)

I'm always on the lookout for future action movie stars. History has proven the fastest way to establish yourself as a badass on the screen is to star in a movie with raw physical action. Not gunfights or car chases, just fast, brutal beatdowns. Here is a brief list of reigning action stars and how they proved themselves

Jason Statham -Everything
Stallone - Rocky
Daniel Craig - Casino Royale
Arnold - Conan
Tom Hardy - Bronson
Christian Bale - Newsies

Channing Tatum is trying to join that list, and no, I don't count "Fighting" as making him eligible. But this film, "The Eagle" has some potential. Nevertheless, here is the trailer, looks like a more serious "Centurion," which was pretty sweet by the way.

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