November 5, 2010

Clint Eastwood is Too Cool For Handshakes (At Least With Me)

You do not meet Clint Eastwood, you encounter him.

About two years ago I was doing temporary PA on the Warner Brothers lot. I was having a grand time driving around on a golf cart, picking up props, almost running over John Stamos, and doing whatever the higher ups told me to do. And so it happened on a brisk Friday night in September I was asked to deliver a package to an office on the other side of the lot.

The sound stages where ghastly buildings and I was the lone gunslinger cruising through their shadows with my objective. I wasn't the only gunslinger on the lot that night. In a particularly narrow part between two buildings, legendary came around the corner.

Eastwood, when you think about it, is larger than life in every single way. First off, he is tall, over six feet. In real life he comes across as the western hero he embodied but with a dash of Obin Wan Kenobi mysticism. And then you look at his career. The guy was TV star, who became a movie star, who became one of the most acclaimed film directors of all time. Did I mention he is a wicked jazz musician as well.

He was walking like a boss at me. I was just walking at him. I thought, damn TPG, this is it, better man the hell up and do this shit. So I approached him and said:

Mr Eastwood?


Uhhhh....I'm a big fan of your movies....I'm from Boston....and I think Mystic River is a great're a big inspiration

Thanks Son
No handshake. No nothing, just a piercing stare and an acknowledgement that I was was lucky to meet him and he was feeling in a not handshake mood. But hey, at least I talked to him. And after that I realized that now it was time to start diving into thislalife. Now we start.

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