October 7, 2010

SLAM! BAM! POW! Comic Book Movie Update

Over the past two weeks, there has been flurry of news about upcoming comic book adaptations. Considering that I'm sitting here in my HQ monitoring every thing on my sweet monitors that Lucius Fox set up, I figured I'd put everything in one place for you

Zack Snyder To Direct Superman 

The Man of Steel is coming back to the big screen, hopefully as a heroic badass, not the whiny emo pansy that he was in "Superman Returns." Batman mastermind Christopher Nolan is producing and this week it was announced that Zack Snyder will direct. Audiences know Snyder as the director of "300" and "Watchmen." Reports indicate the script is pretty much the exact same as "Batman Begins" with Clark Kent traveling the planet figuring out his self worth and then returning to Metropols to regulate on everyone now that he knows he literally is the boss of all bosses.
Should You Be Excited?
Apprehensively yes, Snyder may not be the best storyteller, but his action sequences deliver, so if anything this film will be entertaining. Nolan should keep other story problems in check too.
Darren Aronofsky Might Direct Wolverine 2

"X-Men Origins Wolverine" is one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen in my life. Nevertheless it was a hit and FOX is serious about making the sequel succeed where the original failed (which was everywhere). Apparently acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky, who people are loving right now because of "Black Swan," is the frontrunner for the directing job.

Should You Be Excited
Yes! Aronofsky known for his films "The Wrestler," "Pi," and "The Fountain" (which starred Jackman) is visual director who will bring some serious merit to this franchise. The script will also take Wolverine to Japan, so let me translate that

Aronofsky (very cool director) + Wolverine + Ninjas = SIGN ME UP GUY

Christian Bale is Bulking Up For Batman 3 Which Will Shoot in New Orleans in April

Last week Nolan confirmed that he  is definitely directing Batman 3 and now more news that Bale is bulking up (he was dayum skinny in "The Fighter" (trailer here)). Other news reporting the film is getting ready to shoot in New Orleans. This is notable news because soon we will start getting the casting announcements that people crave like a need for order in Gotham City.
Should You Be Excited
Excited? I already bought my tickets for the midnight show!

David E. Kelley Is Developing A Wonder Woman TV Show
David E. Kelley made a name for himself with the TV Shows "Ally McBeal" and "LA Law," so it's obvious he knows what he is doing with television shows. So I guess it bodes well that he is developing a new Wonder Woman series. I know little to nothing about Wonder Woman so that's pretty much all I can say
Should You Be Excited
Honestly? I have no idea if you should be or not? Does Wonder Woman excite you? If yes, than you're more money than an amazon at a weight lifting competition.

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  1. Small added excitement in the Wonder Woman series with Minka Kelly rumored to be considered for the lead.