September 15, 2010

Would You Want James Cameron Being Earth's Ambassador To Aliens?

Take a good look at the man on the left (It's James Cameron by the way). Upon first glance, what is your first impression? Nice Guy? Evil Mastermind? Goateed Mesiah? Whatever comes to mind, I hope it's a positive, because it's probably the first human face that the aliens are going to see.

According to The Australian (Via the excellent Playlist Blog) James Cameron is going down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench to "see what's down there" and also gather some footage that he can later add some Na'Vi too when gets around to shooting Avatar 2. Just to put things in perspective about the trench, it is named after the islands near by, not the spaghetti sauce, is about 6.8 miles deep or about 74.3 football fields or 4,233 Biebers, aka Justin Biebers, the new standard of measurement for screaming teenage girls. Now that we established how literally and metaphorically deep the trench is, let's dive into just what the hell Cameron could be looking for down there. I mean you don't just go down to the bottom of the world for a movie, right?

I mean it's not like Avatar 2 will need a "shot on the bottom of the ocean" tagline to make money, it's the sequel to the biggest film ever, people are gonna see it. Naw, I think Cameron is going down there to find some creatures that have never been seen before. Depending on how you feel about the guy he'll come back with some far out peaceful Pandora fishies or he'll get eaten alive by a Megalodon shark ( see below), which Steve Alten (He's a writer by the way, a fiction writer) thinks lies at the bottom of the pit. Either way, if he's coming back with anything, it's a bigger ego.

Which leads me to this brief next point. Once Cameron conquers the Oceans, there is only one place else to go : SPACE. And if you think NASA is going to stop him, you're wrong. No one is going to stop him, he's going to space and he's going to meet the aliens before any of us. I just hope they like Avatar better than the Hurt Locker otherwise there is going to be hell to pay.

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