September 27, 2010

Powers meets Mexico

Keep your eye on Jody Hill. Last night the show he helped create, "Eastbound & Down" returned for season 2 and it was clear that Hill, and his team of home-run hitters aren't holding anything back. It wasn't just Kenny's new sidekick, new location, or hairstyle, it was the entire mood of the show that really struck out the competition.

Hill is a graduate from the University of North Carolina, which isn't on the radar as a high power film school. Hill's greatest strength is making content that speaks to people who didn't go to a high power film school, any school high . All of his films including "The Foot Fist Way," "Observe & Report," and his HBO series "Eastbound" all feature the american blue collar working man struggling to survive.

And now him and his "Eastbound" team have taken their average American character and put them in Mexico. This "fish out of water" story technique is hilarious and interesting because it allows Hill to explore another culture, all the while keeping his unique perspective on the raw American male. Is America really that different from Mexico? Based off the first episode, not really. People in both countries like to party, play baseball, and make poor moral decisions. However in a great last scene that directly related to the series premiere, both cultures value family values, personified in the show as a family saying grace at dinner.

I can't wait to see where this season goes. Kenny Powers is the funniest character on TV right now. Hill and his creative team are doing excellent work and just hitting home runs. Pack the stands and tune in, this is going to be a fun game.

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