September 16, 2010

My Dream Last Night Was The Greatest Since My "Blade" Dream Of 2002

Last night I had a dream which rivals every other dream anyone else has ever had. I'm not talking about metaphorical dreams of the future, I'm talking about wild out of control Sigmund Freud mind exploding dreams with a Michael Bay twist. So anyway onto this epic dream. As you probably know, most of my dreams are heavily influenced by movies, and last night's was no exception, so I've included some footnotes for ya.

The whole thing was basically a modified version of the battle from The Lord Of The Rings featured above. Basically I was in the field with all my friends and family suited up in badass medieval armor. When I say all, I mean ALL.  Everyone person fighting on the good guys team was a recognizable face from my life. My family, my pals, old professors, random people I've met at parties and talked about LOST with, they were all taking care of business.

Business was defending some type of fort from an invading army of orc looking demons from the mountains. Because it was movie inspired, the bad dudes were using the oliphant attack, but they also had ghosts on their side as well as ferocious beasts. The bad guys would carry in these circus carts into battle open em up and these tigers would come out to fight (Gladiator) Luckily we had beasts too, I rode in battle on the back of a giraffe carrying a lightsaber (Star Wars) and a kitchen knife (Not Sure), yeah weird combo I know. I ended up confronting and turning Charlize Theron to the good side (North Country)

The best part of this whole affair that was it ended with the good guys winning, no abrupt finale like most dreams do but also I woke up on time to get to work, even though my alarm wasn't set. Not sure what caused this dream, I watched LOTR a month ago, I've been playing a lot of Halo, and I've been trying to scheme a way to convince my friend Mesch, of Mesch and Cod (funny guys check out their site here) to watch Star Wars. Maybe it was those things. Either way....epic!

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