September 13, 2010

Entourage Bests True Blood In Finale

I've been savoring "True Blood" all season. It was violent, trashy, sexy, full of supernatural creatures, and ridiculous southerners (aka rednecks). "Entourage" on the other hand was full of boring plots about Hollywood characters that I didn't really care about, but watched just because it was part of thislalife. But all that changed last night. "True Blood" was drenched in boring sangre and "Entourage" was high on drama.

"Entourage" has been on the air for seven years and with each season the show becomes more and more light weight. Oh no, Vince is losing money! It's OK he's still in a mansion surrounded by supermodels. E is having woman troubles, it's ok, Sloane is still in every other episode. There just was nothing at stake besides money. Until tonight. The season finale saw Vince's life implode in a drug binge. It was an intense urgent episde, and topped off by Ari's marriage melting down. This was well written drama and Adrian Grenier (Vince), Jeremy Piven (Ari), and Kevin Dillon (Drama) all delivered the acting goods. For once an episode ended with my friends not being like

"Entourage is so lame brah.....but Vince is the man dude"

"True Blood" on the other hand has been delivering the thrills for three seasons. This season saw vampires fighting werewolves, vampires ripping out people's spines, viking kings seeking vengeance, werepanthers (yes that is a werewolf panther) and some highly memorable characters (including my main man Franklin). Yet somehow all the momentum peaked in the second to last episode, leaving nothing but a blood drained body for a finale. Compared to last year's meat sacrifice showdown, there was no impending sense of closure, just lots of talking and Sookie being exceptionally unreasonable.

It's almost as if HBO gave us a weak finale for "True Blood" just so we're hungry for next weeks "Boardwalk Empire" which looks beyond awesome. See the trailer below.

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