September 29, 2010

Don't Kid Yourself, 3D Star Wars Is Going To Be Mind Melting

Today it was announced all over the galaxy that all six theatrical Star Wars films are going to be released in 3D, starting in 2012 with "The Phantom Menace." Faster than Lando switching sides on the good guys people around the universe starting complaining about how Lucas is bleeding the franchise dry and how this 3D conversion will ruin the original films.

I'm not down with those people, someone freeze them carbonite.

3D Star Wars movies! Are you serious! This is going to be unreal. George Lucas is one of the father's of modern special effects, you think he's gonna let James Cameron show him up. You know Lucas saw "Avatar" and sat there on his pyramid made out of money/ewoks and said:

Jim......Jim.......You think can best me in mind melting sci-fi. George Lucas is Sci Fi. Wait and see.....

Consider me on the hype land speeder for these conversions. Doesn't matter if the new prequels are bad, either way it's going to look and sound amazing. Cue the popcorn and a's just a tradition.

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