September 17, 2010

Boston Movies (That Aren't The Departed)

In honor of the "The Town" opening today around the nation, I've decided to take a look back at some of the more under-appreciated "Boston" films  of the past. Now keep in mind in my mind "The Departed" is a pretty much perfect "Boston" film but here are some that may have missed the "T" to the big time.

WITH HONORS (1994) - If you can get past the wild plaid outfits and ridiculous hair in the the poster, this is a pretty cool movie about the education and life at Harvard. Basically the Harvard people let a homeless guy live with them and he teaches them about life, love, and the pursuit of scarves. Good Times.
Celtic Pride - Yeah, I know this movie isn't the greatest film ever made, and it's not even that good, but I will say I like it better than "Fever Pitch." It has a sweet spot in my heart cause I saw it at my 10 year birthday party and I really like the Celtics (I still have a Antoine Walker jersey). I like it cause the plot of kidnapping a player so your struggling Boston team can win has crossed the mind of a many a Boston fan during the dark ages. Bizarre note, the film was written by comedy titan Judd Apatow.

Blown Away (1994) - Not only is this explosive action goodness, but it stars three academy award winning actors. Tommy Lee Jones, Jeff Bridges, and Forest Whitaker all now have that Academy hardware and graced the screen in this bad boy. How explosive is a movie called "Blown Away"? When the ship blows up in this film, the actual stunt blew out 8,000 windows in East Boston!

Gone Baby Gone (2007) - I include this movie on the list because I'm often shocked by how many of my peers have not seen it. Directed by Ben Affleck, this is a really strong movie with a powerful ending. For all you that haven't seen it, check it out. Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman are doing serious acting work in this film and the ending, damn, that ending, really gets ya.

Stay tuned for my review of the "The Town" which should be dropping any time next week.

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