August 5, 2010

What's The Deal With "Gravity"

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"Gravity" is one of the most interesting projects in development in Hollywood right now. Most people have not heard of it, it's doesn't have the mega pre-release press as some other films. This is surprising considering the talent and star power involved. I recently got a draft of the "script" and what I read really lifted my brain to space, aka blew my mind.

The film is written by Jonas Cuaron, Rodrigo Garcia, and Alfonso Cuaron. Most readers will know Alfonso Cuaron as the director behind the excellent "Children of Men" and the in my opinion slightly overrated "Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban." The film takes place entirely in space, and feels very very realistic. How realistic you ask? It feels like it's a film designed to be shown at science museums. 

That's not to say it isn't cool, hey, science museums are cool! The plot is basically about some astronauts above the earth, who encounter some serious problems. Now, these problems are not aliens, mental insanity, or evil corporations, but rather just genuine space problems. Their spaceship is damaged! How will they fix it? They're running out of oxygen! Will they get more? Things like that.

Currently Robert Downey Jr is attached to play the male lead and Blake Lively and Scarlett Johanson are fighting for the part that Angelina Jolie once was rumored to be set for. With start power like that, many people are excited about the project. However, one group who might not expected is really rooting for it: NASA. I mean, RDJ as a cocky space-man. A hot babe mega actress as a space-woman. Sounds like the ultimate PR.

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