August 24, 2010

Avatar, Indian Tribes, and The Great Coincidence

It's either the greatest piece of viral marketing or a very convenient coincidence, but today a story about a an evil mining corporation in India, a sacred burial ground, and some vigilant natives is making the rounds on the Internet. I first saw the story last night and didn't make much of it, however astute thislalife reader JoeFrancis G promptly sent me an email saying "THIS IS REAL LIFE AVATAR SHIT," so I had to answer the call.

Apparently a British mining company named Vedanta Resources (in film the RDA Corporation) wanted to mine on an area that is of great religious importance (in the film the Tree of Life) to the Dongria Kondh (Na'Vi). Luckily the tribe had support from a mysterious outsider, the Amnesty International Corporation (aka J. Sully), and were able to thwart the attempts of Vedanta. For the full article check out cnn here.

Man, that's uplifting stuff, so uplifting, I'm going to go see Avatar again when it comes out in theaters this Friday with 9 minutes of extra footage, so convient that these stories came out so close to each other. Is it possible that James Cameron has truly become "The King of the World" and is manipulating the media, the corporations, the native tribes, the cineplexes, the dimensions, the ears, the actors, the oceans, the skies, the minds, the readers, and everyone/everything else to his whim? If so, who cares? As my brother said in more ways than one- AVATAR is the shit!

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