August 10, 2010

Action Movie Genesis: The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer was the movie that introduced me to the power of an action film. I remember my mom just taking my brothers and my five year old self to the Shopper's World mall in Framingham/Natick because there was new movie that we would like. I hadn't seen a poster, a trailer, or read a review, actually, I couldn't read at the time, so that doesn't matter.

What does matter is that the film delivered the goods and blasted off my mind into the stratosphere of action movie goodness. Directed by Joe Johnston (who's also directing Captain America), the film tells the story of young pilot, who gets a rocket pack from Howard Hughes, and than has to save the U.S.A. from some evil nazi bastards.  I mean what else do you do with a rocket pack? Pretty simple concept and totally excellent execution.

All of the elements that I enjoy about the action genre are present here and clearly left an imprint on my brain. There is the calm collected hero who also isn't afraid to regulate when the time is right (which is frequently). There is the babe, portrayed here by Jennifer Connelly, who must be saved. There are the wise older mentor figures who warn the hero about the dangers, but still carry a glimmer in there eyes that wish they were still out there getting after it. Of course, there's a solid villian, here portrayed by the man who was Bond, Timothy Dalton. Oh yeah, there is also John Locke.

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do! I'm Howard Hughes

But wait, TPG, what about the action? Isn't this action movie week? Well yeah, it is "The Rocketeer" delivers the action in a perfect way for the kids. There's a nazi blimp threatening LA. Gangsters fighting Krauts with Tommy Guns, fiery explosions, one liners, and bubblegum. Don't forget the epic climatic boss fights. Sure, there isn't any wild gore or a high body count, but think as this film for the foundation of what's to come.


  1. Hey Tim, you revived my memories and I do remember taking you to Rocketeer and for some strange reason, I remember really liking it - maybe because we had a good time and you and Sam and Joe loved it!!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Great blog! Love, Mom

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