August 20, 2010

10 Piranha 3D Facts

  1. Piranha 3D is the third entry in the franchise, but it's not a sequel. Interesting, Piranha 1 was directed by genre master Roger Corman, who helped launch the careers of many a major filmaker. Looking for evidence? Piranha 2 was directed by James Cameron, his second film.
  2. Piranha 3D features naked women, evil fish, and loads of violence. In other words, it is the lowest MOM factor movie of the summer
  3. Theodore Roosevelt once described Piranhas as "the most ferocious fish in the world"
  4. MegaPiranha, the Piranha fish's ancestor was up to 3 feet long! How many of those would it take to slay a T-Rex?
  5. Piranhas prefer the Deez over Burger King
  6. Piranha 3D is getting shockingly sharp and great reviews.
  7. Richard Dreyfuss agreed to reprise his Jaws character in the film only because producer Bob Weinstein donated money to his favorite charity
  8. Piranha 3D director Alexandre Aja's previous films include "The Hills Have Eyes," "High Tension" and "Mirrors" which starred Kiefer Sutherland, which technically makes it a very surreal 24 episode. God, do I miss 24
  9. has been hyping Piranha 3D since January.
  10. The only person who has been known to survive a Piranha attack is Jay Judah and Kosher D

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