July 21, 2010

Zack Synder To Make 300 Prequel

It seems like yesterday, Gerald Butler and his Spartan Soldiers were destroying the Persian army on the battlefield. Now Gerald Butler has dabbled in romantic comedies, the guy above Xerxes was on half a season of Lost, and director Zack Synder made "Watchmen" and a movie about owls in combat. Now on the cusp of Comic Con, Mr. Synder has announced he will be returning the battlefield.

According to the great blog "Hero Complex", Synder has been working on the script for his next film, entitled "Xerxes." If you recall, Xerxes was the villain in "300" (He's also featured above). The film will focus on a young Xerxes, a persian badass who eventually wants to go take care of business and capture the world. Of course that is a terrible generalization, but check out the article for more information.

I'm intrigued by this project, if only because they'll have to cast a somewhat recognizable actor in the role of the persian regulator X-Man himself. Keep in mind the last Persian movie featured Jake Gyllenhaal, so in this film, one can only expect Matt Damon to play the lead.

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