July 28, 2010

When Can You Openly Talk About Inception?

By now everyone knows the "Inception" situation. You're hanging out at work, at the gym, at a Crab Fest BBQ and someone says something about "Inception," and everyone starts freaking out. During this freakout you have two types of people. The first group says something like this "Dude, that movie was nuts! But I have one question...." Now the second group, usually puts their hands over there ears, makes a weird drone noise and runs away while yelling "I haven't seen it, don't talk about it." At which point the first group says "yeah, run away, now let's get into, what's the meaning of....."

"Inception" is a film that is designed to be talked about endlessly. As I said in my review, I have more fun talking about the film with my buddies than I did watching it with them. Let's just say, I got theories, brah, mad theories. But these other folks, these "Inception" holder-outers, what are you waiting for? And how long do you have to wait for them to talk about it?

Historically the answer would be that you'd wait forever. People didn't go around talking about "The Sixth Sense" two weeks after it came out. People still don't ruin the end of that movie, doing that is considered a sin. But with "Inception" there isn't anything to ruin as much as there are things to meditate on. So I'm calling now, after this Friday  (July 30th) it should be acceptable to talk about the film openly amongst people who generally see movies like it*. And if they complain, you just say, "hey don't be mad at me you missed the freight train blasting through the psyche of the american sub-conscious."

*I understand some people have better things to do in their lives than see movies. These people would be  Doctors, parents, newborns, etc. But come on, the movie is wild, and even these guys know about it

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