July 16, 2010

The Weight of the Bat

"No Pressure. No Pressure. No Pressure"

Millions of people will flood the multiplex this weekend to get their minds blown by Christopher Nolan's dreamy new film "Inception." As soon as they get out, there will be one thought somewhere on their mind. It's a thought that have been on many people's mind since 2008.

Okay, now onto the Dark Knight Sequel

According to Nolan, his brother Jonathan has been working on the script for over a year, and recently Michael Caine confirmed an April 2011 start date, so the time is upon us. Nolan is not only a genius director, but also a tactician when comes to the masses. After delivering a masterpiece in "The Dark Knight" he wisely stepped away from the genre to make something "else." This was hailed as a genius move at the time, people saw what happened with director Sam Raimi when he made nothing but Spiderman movies for five years. But now he has made "Inception" , Nolan has no choice but to focus again on Batman. And this is no easy task.

First, there is the issue of the story. The last film concluded with Batman becoming the "bad guy" and going on the run. Will the new film have Batman on the run the whole time, or will it be some other story where is he good? Second, there is the issue of the villain. Previous villains have all been grounded in reality, and with no one getting re-cast as the Joker there is a lack of quality bad guys. Riddler? - Too much like the joker. Catwoman? - Maybe? Penguin? - Doesn't really fit into the world. Two Face returns ? Maybe.

And finally there is the biggest villain of them all -  the fanboys. Every single nugget of news regarding this movie is going to be dissected on the internet. I'm sure at Warner Brothers right now, they are holding every meeting regarding this bad boy in room similar to the ones in Mission Impossible. At this point, this is most anticipated film in the history of the world (yes more than AVATAR 2). And you know what, while the task is daunting, I think that Nolan can do it. I just hope I'm not dreaming.

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