July 30, 2010

MIND MELT ALERT: Nolan & Arnold Team Up

Today is the birthday or Arnold, aka the greatest movie star ever. Today also marks the date of birth of the wise cinematic dreamer known as Christopher Nolan. So one can only think, if these two were to team up to make a film. What would it be about?  Here is my idea and the thoughts, dreams, and hopes of many. Enjoy!

THISLALIFE - Arnold would be an old factory worker who was one day away from finally retiring. On his last day of work, he would learn that the factory he thought was making parts for automobiles, was actually making parts for a machine that would destroy the world. Arnold, who always knows what's just and true, would have no choice but to take down the corporation and save the planet.

IM NEVER GETTING MARRIED - After marrying Maria Shriver, Arnold is sent back in time to save JFK. Together with Ted Kennedy, Arnold must save JFK, thus creating a better world for all, a world where one day he could grow up to be President. It would be "True Lies" meets "24" meets "Terminator" meets "Memento."

CINEMANIC CHRONICLES - I don't care because the chances of me actually going to see it would be  slim.

EVAN BREGMAN - A retired politician goes back in time to save the world from the one key mistake he made during his time in office...but doesn't realize the ramifications of changing the past are worse than he could ever imagine

PURSUIT OF SHOES - "Hahaha, I have no idea"

NICHOLAS J ROBINSON  - Arnold plays Adam, the lead in BEGINNING, a twisted retelling of the story of Adam and Eve. Creatures from hell, temptations before there were such a thing, and a journey to begin mankind

LITTLE RIZZ - "I don't know but it would be some dark shit."

JONNY UMANSKYIn honor of it's 10 year anniversary, Nolan remakes Memento with Arnie starring in the Leonard role.  Other key changes will include, but are not limited to:  Danny DeVito in the role of Teddy.  Jamie Lee Curtis in the of Natalie.  And "Remember Sammy Jenkis" will be replaced with "Remember John Connor.

JOEFRANCISG - A Much more elaborate version of Last Action Hero

JAY JUDAHAn old soldier, long since retired from the field -- a desk jockey -- is selected for a virtual reality program to test and train the human mind for the horrors of battle. When he enters the virtual world, however, things are not as they seem - as per trope, the rules of mind games are easily broken - and he must find a way to dispatch his pursuers and escape with his sanity intact. Effectively, it's Tron meets Inception with a dash of Battle Royale and The Matrix to taste -- your mind is the scene of the all-out death match

KOSHER D - An alien force attacks the US and the people turn to their leaders for help, Arnold leads the charge

LIFTING FOGArnold plays a retired, extremely successful venture capitalist. He realizes that unknown entities have been slowly stealing money from his accounts. He goes on an international tour de force to track down the thieves. In the end, it is his younger brother who has been masterminding it as a way to divert funds to cancer research to save his dying wife. Arnold must chose: life of ultimate power/wealth that he has grown accustomed to or renounce his old ways and save wife of long lost brother. Pressure from all sides to stop brother, namely the pharmaceutical companies who must not let the cure to cancer be achieved by a non profiting foundation.

Which one would you want to see? And check back for updates!

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