July 27, 2010

Has the 3D Backlash Already Begun?

Last year at Comic Con, James Cameron unveiled 3D technology to the masses. Each person in the screening room strapped on glasses and saw the future, and loved it. Yet this year, the crowd's reaction to 3D was a bit tepid. Yes folks, 3D cinema has already come to it's crossroads.

On one side, big huge 3D films are just getting started. "Tron Legacy" comes out this fall, and if you buy into the hype, it will be just as mind blowing as "Avatar." In the summer of 2012, there will be more 3D films including "Men in Black 3" and "Spiderman" all films that really lend themselves to the medium. I mean who wouldn't want to see Spiderman zipping around the the theatre. Even auteur Martin Scorsese has embraced the medium with his new film "Hugo Cabret."

But everything isn't that eye-popping. At Comic Con this past weekend, comic con jesus Jon Favreau revealed that his new epic Cowboys and Aliens will be shot in 2D and won't be converted, and the crowd went wild for a 2D picture. Conversion, that evil word. If there is one thing that makes cinephiles, fanboys, and fairly normal folk upset it's shitty conversion 3D, ie 3D added after the film is already done. The great website REAL 3D or FAKE 3D categorizes which films have been converted and which are shot in 3D.

So, TPG, what do you think? Do you think 3D will fade away like those old school motion rides? No, 3D is is here to stay. When you look at the dope films shot in 3D coming out in the future, there is no way that audiences won't be pumped about the medium for years to come.  That list:

Mad Max: Fury Road
Men in Black III
Spider-Man 4
The Avengers
Drive Angry
Hugo Cabret
Kung Fu Panda 2
Pirates Of The Caribbean 4
The Smurfs
Transformers 3
Underworld 4
Yogi Bear

That's a lot of big time movies, and trust me, once those fanboys see aliens get blasted in pasta sauce by Willy Smith in 3D, they won't worry about htat conversion nonsense. Welcome to 3D Earf!

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