July 29, 2010

Dear Arnold,

Dear Arnold,

It is now clear that the remakers cannot be stopped. You know this breed of people, lacking in creativity, they seek to remake what once was sacred. And today is the day that the remakers made their first real power move. They want to remake, wait, it sounds like they will remake "Total Recall," with Len "Underwold" Wiseman set to direct.

Arnold, oh Arnold, where art thou Arnold. It is clear now that the world needs you more than ever. I sincerely hope that you return to the screen and regulate on everyone who is remaking the films that made you a guy who's poster hangs in every high school weight room with the slogan "Ain't got time to bleed."

Arnold, just come back the screen, even if it means, playing Dad Arnold to Arnold in a live action remake of the Nickelodeon show. I mean, come on, you can squeeze in some action there, you can help him solve school problems through ass kicking. I'm in. You could even make a sequel to "Junior," but I'd prefer a sequel to "True Lies," which just might happen....

Hasta La Vista (I had to)


Imagine Arnold in This (Michael Cera could play Arnold)

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