July 26, 2010

UPDATE! NOW WITH TRAILER: Comic Con Follow Up - Cowboys & Aliens

"Cowboys & Aliens" is a hypothetical dream team of summer movie-making. First off, your eyes aren't tricking you, that is Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, looking badass with the worlds coolest slap bracelet. This is summer movie making in it's purest form, and when this films hits theaters next July it will be coming from some of the finest pedigree of filmmaking.

First off, comic con deity Jon Favreau is directing the film. Like or not "Iron Man 2" had some thrilling some action sequences, and this is no different. It was written by Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the guys who wrote "Star Trek." It is produced by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Steven Spielberg, who combined have six Oscars. And finally it stars the aforementioned Daniel Craig, mega babe Olivia Wilde, "Iron Man 2" scene stealer Sam Rockwell, "There Will Be Blood" preacher Paul Dano, and finally the ultimate badass himself: Harrison Ford.

I have read the script for this project and can say that it's very very cool. I mean there isn't that much to say besides the simple fact that a whole bunch of evil aliens attack an old west town, and Daniel Craig, who has some past history with the aliens has to do some serious Bond-esque intergalactic regulating. In his comic-con presentation, Favreau mentioned how he wanted a western feel to it, and the script reads that way. There are carriage chases, gunslingers with familes somewhere, harderned badasses who still want won more shot, and epic action sequences. I'm really looking forward to the film, I just don't know if John Ford is.

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