July 15, 2010

The Social Network Trailer Friends You, Pokes You, Status Updates You, and Owns You

Man o man, is this trailer good. I've read the script for this flick and if the film plays anything like the script reads, this is really going to blow people's minds. I love how director David Fincher seems to be using a similar color scheme as "Benjamin Button" and the cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, and Andrew Garfield, aka Spiderman, also looks promising.

Facebook seems to be dominating our lives these days. A recent poll said one third of women check facebook in the morning, and that's not all, click the link for all the promising/disturbing details. Facebook is on our phones, in our minds, and in front of us every time we turn on a computer. Basically you're life is your facebook and don't try to deny it.

In a recent article on /FILM, it was revealed that the film won't be marketed on facebook itself. This is mainly because of the facebook ad laws, not because of some nefarious agenda, but just wait, as more and more people see this film, they will start to think about Mr Zuckenberg, and how much they can trust him. And they realize they don't have a choice but to trust him, cause if they don't, that picture of them wasted in a banana suit will be all over the world, oh wait, it already is.

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