June 24, 2010

Why Fan Boys Hating On Twilight Is Unfounded


I think they know it. I mean they gotta know right? These "Twilight " films are total pieces of garbage. And I'll risk my action movie cred and say I've seen both of em, and they still suck. While many people can report back on why the franchise is so appealing, I don't think the maniacs camped out in CAMP TWILIGHT care about reasons or motivations. They like their vampires and werewolves (and abs). Yet, in the midst of the of all this fan hoopla, the Twilight fans have one major nemesis: the fanboys.

Last year people started to complain how the the Twilight fans ruined Comic-Con, the mecca of everything fanboys stand for (this year it might be something else that joyously ruins the party). The vampire lovers took the good seats in Hall H!, They ruined the Avatar panel! The sonic force of their screams for Taylor Lautner damaged the foundations of the convention hall and endangered everyone!

The perfect example of this hatred was in May at the Iron Man 2 midnight show - Favreau and Downey Jr showed up and fired the crowd up into a frenzy. When the Eclipse trailer hit, people were losing their shit, booing, flipping off the screen, throwing junior mints and everything else in their laps (not Iphones, they were too busy tweeting). And for what reason? We're the same people! Oh, yeah, I guess I'm a fanboy, I wrote a poem about Iron Man for gods sake.

"Twihards" love their Edward Cullen and fanboys love their Tony Stark. The fanboys obsess over the perfect director for their geek opus, The Avengers, while Twihards get directors fired if they don't like them. Castings and recasting are huge deal for all parties. Comic-Con is mutual heaven. Lines for midnight shows are a must. Everyone is in the same boat, eating the same products, drinking the same Kool-Aid, just the color and the taste is different. And at the end of the day, we're all paying the same ticket prices and waiting in the same line.

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