June 1, 2010

Josh Holloway (Sawyer) Being Considered for Marvel Projects


It's clear to me that the Marvel masterminds who sit in magically marvelous lairs have every intention of delivering the goods to all the fanboys out there. The very fact that the Avengers is going to be a movie, and it's going to be directed by the much adored Joss Whedon (I don't love the guy) is evidence of that. Now they're taking it to the next level, with the guy the featured above.

There are rumors abound that Marvel is actively seeking out actor Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer from LOST for major roles in upcoming marvel films. While it's possible that Holloway could be playing "Ant-Man" or "Dum Dum Dugan" one must really hope that he will be playing "Hawkeye." I won't explain Ant-Man or Dum Dum, but I will tell all the none nerds out there that Hawkeye is a badass archer who is tough and funny. Which pretty sums up the Sawyer character from LOST. Don't believe me check out the video below.

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