June 21, 2010

What is Going On The Transformers Set

  1. This isn't the Transformers 3 set at all, rather it's a very very unexpected twist ending from the upcoming Wall-Street: Money Never Sleeps.
  2. Things got real crazy for Shia extremely quick when the paparazzi tried to snap a pic of him.
  3. Shia, an avid bazooka collector, got more than he bargained for when he sought illegal ways to purchase the highly valued dual prong bazooka with the attached Nintendo Super Scope.
  4. These is a picture from the set, but they're not shooting a scene, rather, this is just the security team that protects Shia from a vengeful Megan Fox.
  5. Tyrese is just doing the same shit he always does, looking up at robots, yelling at robots, firing at robots, and doing absolutely no damage to them at all, and then continuing the process over and over and over.

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