June 28, 2010

Terra Nova Could Be The New Lost (Or Not?)

People are searching for something. Their TV enjoyment expired when 24 clicked down to zero. They closed their eyes to TV when "Lost" blinked and went off the air. Well, I'm here to let you know that "Terra Nova" could be that show that "Lost" fans need in their lives.

However, it could also be incredibly cheesy and lame, how bad, go rent the 2005 film "A Sound of Thunder" and you'll have a good idea. Either way it will be interesting television, I mean, I should know, I've read the script.

You'd think that something from the creative minds of Steven Spielberg, David Fury (Lost, 24), Brannon Braga (24, Flashforward), Jon Cassar (24), and Peter Chernin (Former head of Newscorp) would be a little more original. The simple plot focuses on a family who wins a lottery to go back in time, of course is time in this context means, wayyyyyyyyy back to Dinosaur area. The reason there is a lottery to go back in time is because in the future the Earth is resource depleted hellhole. Of course when the family arrives they learn that everything is not what it seems. If you're thinking Terra Nova is a lot like Pandora, you can join the ranks of everyone who is thinking the same thing.

The series will shoot in Australia and Jason O'Mara is already attached to play the lead. Other casting news is being kept under wraps but there are plenty of great roles including his wife, daughters, teenage son, and some interesting folks including a carbon copy clone of the general from Avatar. In fact the entire show is very in line with the classic Spielberg themes of family, science fiction, and cool as hell special effects.

O'Mara's character "Frank Taylor" is one that will connect with audiences. He's 1/3 loving dad, 1/3 noble hero, and 1/3 total badass who beats up velociraptors with his fists. And that's the thing, if there is going to be dinosaurs all over this thing and if they don't look realistic this show is just going to be another stupid CGI dino-fest, however if they look like raptors in the kitchen, t-rex toilet chomping dinosaurs than this might be new beginning for everyone who was looking for a replacement.

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