June 16, 2010

Psycho: Is it just a little messed up?

50 Years ago, Psycho was released into theaters. About three months ago I saw it for the first time. I was impressed, I love hype, and it takes a great movie to live up to 50 years of hype. However, just a couple of weeks ago, I was talking to friend and she brought up a very interesting point:

Is it a little messed up the most famous scene from this film, and in the history of cinema, involves the brutal murder of an innocent woman?

I had never thought about this way. I realize that when audiences saw the murder, it was totally new for them and they were losing their minds, however that doesn't change the content. It's still an extremely intense and violent murder, even by today's SAW standards.

A quick google search reveals that people really like to think about the political, sexual, spiritual, economical, emotional, uncountable, effects of the scene and that's acceptable, the film is loaded with meaning. However it doesn't change the fact, that a majority of film critics and film historian are old men who sit around and watch movies all day and really seem to get fired up about a woman getting stabbed a whole bunch of times.

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