June 11, 2010

My Fictional Character World Cup Roster

In the spirit of the cup, here is my dream World Cup roster. I'm running a 3 x 3 X 4 by the way.

1. Striker 1 - I couldn't think of a better striker than Spiderman, aka Peter Parker. His quick agility and also moderate strength would allow him to not get dominated by defenders and he could also spread the field for others.

2. Striker 2 - I really like Dhalsim from Street Fighter. His ability to elongate his limbs would tear through defenses.

3. Striker 3 - Look, this one might not win over a lot of fans, but for some reason I think the Prince of Persia (without the stupid dagger) would be a nasty soccer player.

4. Center Midfielder - I'm going to put the legendary "RUDY" on this roster because of his incredible heart and perseverance. Of course Rudy also appears on this list because of his outstanding endurance. Not only did he dominate in Rudy, but he also endured taking his buddy to the fires of Mordor.

5.  Right Wing- Ong Bak The Thai Warrior - See video below for explanation

6. Left Wing - Rumble in the Bronx  Era Jackie Chan - His focused and smooth style of play would be the perfect compliment to Tony Jaa's chaos reigns attitude. 

7. Stopper - I'm thinking Arnold here, but what Arnold? I'd have to say I really like "Conan Arnold" here, his defensive performance at the end of "Barbarian" is a text book example of how to stand up to an opponents attack.

8. Left Back - Sayid from Lost - You really thought you'd get through this whole list without a LOST reference, did ya? But seriously, Sayid's proficiency at protecting his fellow survivors earned him this spot.

9. Right Back - Jack Bauer - What a dream combination for your left and right backs. Check out the 24 Points to erase any doubts about Bauer's defensive abilities.

10. Sweeper - Optimus fuckin' Prime. No one is getting through him, doesn't matter if they are decepticons, dwarves, vampires, french people, aliens, no one. 

11. Goalie - There is only one goalie that I could think of here. LARRY MUSGROVE. Oh what's that you don't know him. He's the goalie from "The Big Green," he's a legend, and you better respect him. 

Coach: Toss up between Rodney Dangerfield from "Ladybugs" or Professor Charles Xavier.

That's it. I leave it up to you to figure out who is subbing in?

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