June 9, 2010

Five Reasons To Still Be Excited About Summer Movies

For many people there are only two movies that matter in Summer 2010: Iron Man 2 and Inception. Tony Stark and his mechanical friends have came and mostly departed, and people seemed pleased with what they got. The other film, Christopher Nolan's "Inception" is still more than a month away and if you believe the general tone when people talk about the summer, this is the only movie that matters. Well, I'm here to tell you that those people are right, "Inception" is probably going to be the cinematic messiah that everyone is making it out to be. However, there are some other movies coming out this summer that people should still be pumped about. And I'm here to tell you what they are:

1. Knight & Day - Once upon a time, Tom Cruise's public persona was locked into full Scientology mode. He tried to fight it, he played a one eyed German and masses weren't happy. Then he realized that rather than fight his public image he should embrace it. The result, the hilarious Les Grossman and the new film Knight and Day. It's clear that he is playing himself on steroids, albeit one that kills people, hey who knows, maybe he does that in real life too (note, he doesn't use bullets, he uses his mind).

2. Predators - At first the only thing people were brewing about regarding this movie was how they didn't think Adrien Brody could be a badass. After the second trailer though, it seems people are talking about how savage this film could potentially be. The entire movie is a risk, the director Nimrod Atal is relatively new, and some of the cast (Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Adrian Brody) are starring in a new genre. If this beast of film gets even remotely good reviews, consider me ready to rock and roll.

3. The Other Guys - Adam McKay makes funny ass movies. They may not win awards or earn you points when you tell your snooty Kubrick loving friends that you liked them, but "Anchorman" "Talledega Nights" and "Step-Brothers" are hilarious. Will Ferrell is still around and he is joined by underated comedic actors Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson.

4. The Expendables - I recently read this article about how this movie is going to be more insane than people think it is going to be. People already thought it was going to be crazy, so make of that what you will. See my pages of Expendables hype here

5.  Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - While I'm not completely sold on this movie, I'm including it on this list because it looks fresher than summer tomatoes and basil from an earthy garden. In a world of 3D remakes, reboots, and rebirths this film boasts a new visual style that deserves to be mentioned. Edgar Wright's previous films "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead" are both almost perfect and it looks like he's taking some massive chances here. I hope it pays off. 

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