June 22, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Nolan Golf Cart - Updated

UPDATE: Hearing now that this does not belong to Nolan but rather someone else on the lot. (Learn more about that someone here)

Christopher Nolan may be hard at work editing "Inception" but that doesn't stop him from getting from Point A to Point B in style. The fact that he gets where he needs to be in this, should be clear evidence that he is clearly going to be directing Batman 3 and we should be excited.
Not sure if that jet engine works.

Cannot confirm it is Armor Plated Either.


  1. I really like this and am using it on my blog. Thanks


  2. Take better pictures too will ya?

  3. Hey guys! The company that built this is called Marc's Creature Company. And it wasn't built for Nolan, it belongs to another director, a big batman fan.

  4. I'd like to put this on my blog, if you don't mind.


    thank you!

  5. if i imagine someone sitting in this and driving with "high-speed" down the road...
    just simply hilarious!

  6. It's built by Marcs Creature Company.

    Check the build pictures here


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  8. Could you imagine taking that thing onto a golf course? It would tear the greens to pieces! I may put this on my blog here

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