June 3, 2010

The Avengers = Geek Heaven

My Dad is in a movie group with his buddies. Every month they get together, go out for dinner and see a flick. Yesterday, after my recommendation they went and saw Iron Man 2. The film was success with the group (how could it not be, Iron Man 2 is the shit, see my infamous poem about that). While talking to him this morning, I briefly explained The Avengers to him and he agreed that it is going to be one cool movie. This fan made art, compiled from existing images above, gives us a mere taste of awesome this is going to be. For more information on "The Avengers" check out my previous much nerdier posts about the topic here.

And to make matters sweeter, the above image is missing some key players. There is no Hawkeye who is confirmed to be in the film, and there is no Nick Fury, who most certainly will be loudly kicking ass.

At this point, Comic Con should just stop existing after The Avengers comes out, because after this film, whether it's good or bad, nothing else will matter. Of course, until Christopher Nolan directs "The Dark Knight Returns."

Thanks to slashfilm for the image

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