June 10, 2010

Batman 3 Rumor Round Up

Batman Begins 3. The Dark Knight 2. Batman 6. Follow up the greatest comic book movie ever. Don't worry, it is coming out in 2012. Whatever you call it, people are salivating for the tiniest crumb of information regarding it. This week some morsels that were particularly tantalizing fell to the floor. Let's check them out.

The Film Stars Shooting in March
Source: LA TIMES
True? - I'm saying this one is probably accurate. The film is coming out, July 20th, 2012 so in order to make that date, I think a March 2011 date is realistic

Joseph Gordon Levitt as the Riddler
Source: Hollywood Life
True? - No. See above, the film's start date is a rumor, so all casting details must be taken with a major grain of salt. That being said, Levitt does star in Nolan's upcoming film "Inception," and the director is known for using similar actors in many of his films. Eager caped crusaders should look to the storied "Inception" cast for possible ideas for the future adventures of the Gotham hero. My vote: Tom Hardy for the villain. He's in Inception and he's in Bronson (see below). The villain he should play: a london gangster called Mad Hatter.

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