June 30, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer (Now With Babies and Wolves)

This will make more money if that Dog is actually Jacob and that baby is Edward and Bella's vampinfant

Update: Hearing that this has been pulled from theaters because audiences can't handle it. Bodes will for the films, bodes poorly for the courage of our nation. 

June 29, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: The Truth About The Bat Cart Revealed

Somewhere deep on the Warner Brothers lot, there is a real life Lucius Fox. Sure, you know Lucius Fox, he's Batman's tech guy, the Q to his James Bond if you will. In "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" he is portrayed by Hollywood's resident wise-man Morgan Freeman. But unless Morgan Freeman has a hobby of making awesome vehicles, he cannot compare to director Ray Griggs, the real life mastermind behind the Batmobile inspired Golf Cart that took Gotham (and the internet) by storm last week.

Griggs is a writer, director, and producer who is a huge Batman and Superman fan. His love of the Dark Knight lead him to work with designer Marc Irvin of Marc's Creature Company on a dream golf cart that keeps the Warner Brothers lot free of villains and other nefarious evil doers. Check out a video on the design and specs of the cart below.

Griggs is currently hard at work in pre-production on the adaptation of the beloved children's book "The Wind and The Willows," which is being made down in New Zealand with some of the creative masterminds at WETA workshop. You can view a trailer for the film here

Conan The Musical

When does this open on Broadway? Cause I am in (via slashfilm)

Rango Trailer

While this movie looks like it was clearly inspired by the acid trip sequences in "Fear and Loathing," it definitely looks way more interesting than most of the animated films out now.

June 28, 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Trailer Holds Nothing Back

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-US&from=sp&vid=f2822d1e-af61-45f5-b674-f3f697170e3d" target="_new" title="'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Trailer">Video: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Trailer</a>
This trailer screams "Hey Twilight, check yo' self! I'm the king of this fantasy movie shit"

Terra Nova Could Be The New Lost (Or Not?)

People are searching for something. Their TV enjoyment expired when 24 clicked down to zero. They closed their eyes to TV when "Lost" blinked and went off the air. Well, I'm here to let you know that "Terra Nova" could be that show that "Lost" fans need in their lives.

However, it could also be incredibly cheesy and lame, how bad, go rent the 2005 film "A Sound of Thunder" and you'll have a good idea. Either way it will be interesting television, I mean, I should know, I've read the script.

You'd think that something from the creative minds of Steven Spielberg, David Fury (Lost, 24), Brannon Braga (24, Flashforward), Jon Cassar (24), and Peter Chernin (Former head of Newscorp) would be a little more original. The simple plot focuses on a family who wins a lottery to go back in time, of course is time in this context means, wayyyyyyyyy back to Dinosaur area. The reason there is a lottery to go back in time is because in the future the Earth is resource depleted hellhole. Of course when the family arrives they learn that everything is not what it seems. If you're thinking Terra Nova is a lot like Pandora, you can join the ranks of everyone who is thinking the same thing.

The series will shoot in Australia and Jason O'Mara is already attached to play the lead. Other casting news is being kept under wraps but there are plenty of great roles including his wife, daughters, teenage son, and some interesting folks including a carbon copy clone of the general from Avatar. In fact the entire show is very in line with the classic Spielberg themes of family, science fiction, and cool as hell special effects.

O'Mara's character "Frank Taylor" is one that will connect with audiences. He's 1/3 loving dad, 1/3 noble hero, and 1/3 total badass who beats up velociraptors with his fists. And that's the thing, if there is going to be dinosaurs all over this thing and if they don't look realistic this show is just going to be another stupid CGI dino-fest, however if they look like raptors in the kitchen, t-rex toilet chomping dinosaurs than this might be new beginning for everyone who was looking for a replacement.

June 24, 2010

Why Fan Boys Hating On Twilight Is Unfounded


I think they know it. I mean they gotta know right? These "Twilight " films are total pieces of garbage. And I'll risk my action movie cred and say I've seen both of em, and they still suck. While many people can report back on why the franchise is so appealing, I don't think the maniacs camped out in CAMP TWILIGHT care about reasons or motivations. They like their vampires and werewolves (and abs). Yet, in the midst of the of all this fan hoopla, the Twilight fans have one major nemesis: the fanboys.

Last year people started to complain how the the Twilight fans ruined Comic-Con, the mecca of everything fanboys stand for (this year it might be something else that joyously ruins the party). The vampire lovers took the good seats in Hall H!, They ruined the Avatar panel! The sonic force of their screams for Taylor Lautner damaged the foundations of the convention hall and endangered everyone!

The perfect example of this hatred was in May at the Iron Man 2 midnight show - Favreau and Downey Jr showed up and fired the crowd up into a frenzy. When the Eclipse trailer hit, people were losing their shit, booing, flipping off the screen, throwing junior mints and everything else in their laps (not Iphones, they were too busy tweeting). And for what reason? We're the same people! Oh, yeah, I guess I'm a fanboy, I wrote a poem about Iron Man for gods sake.

"Twihards" love their Edward Cullen and fanboys love their Tony Stark. The fanboys obsess over the perfect director for their geek opus, The Avengers, while Twihards get directors fired if they don't like them. Castings and recasting are huge deal for all parties. Comic-Con is mutual heaven. Lines for midnight shows are a must. Everyone is in the same boat, eating the same products, drinking the same Kool-Aid, just the color and the taste is different. And at the end of the day, we're all paying the same ticket prices and waiting in the same line.

June 23, 2010

High Five Guys Hit The World Cup

Some little cameos from Shakira, Wikus, and some animals. Give it up for the animals. Where the prawns at though?

New International Trailer For Predators Is Deadly Awesome

Arnold or no Arnold, this one looks bloody amazing!

Is Toy Story 3 The Summer's Best Action Thriller Yet?

Everyone is looking for "Inception" to be the thriller to beat in Summer 2010, however is it possible a top notch thriller has snuck by under our noses disguised in some heartfelt PIXAR wrapping paper?  "Toy Story 3" is a warming Pixar masterpiece, but it also is a well thought out prison break film full of dastardly characters, shocking plot twists, and nail biting suspense. In fact, when the film is viewed as a breakout film, the whole experience takes on a entirely new level of enjoyment.

The best thrillers rest on the shoulders of their villains. The 1963 classic escape film " The Great Escape" has a whole host of evil nazi bastards that try to stop our heroes from escaping from the prison camp. In "Toy Story 3" the bad guy is the cuddly purple bear "Lotso," who runs the Day Care center where the Toys end up. Make no mistake, this cuddly bear is as close to a Nazi as you'll see in a "children's film" this year. He is pure evil and shows no remorse at committing atrocious acts. And like all villains he has to be thwarted.

The thwarting comes during the thrilling escape sequences. In "The Great Escape" and "Toy Story 3" our heroes ( a tough talking all American cowboy and his gang) must evade sentries, security posts, roving patrols, spotlights, and friends that might snitch on them. They use technology like rubber band guns, Mr. Potato head eye balls, and bold improvisational skills to get out. They get inside information from old timers who've tried to get out and failed. There are complications, the power might go out as it does in "Escape" or in the case of "Toy Story" a main character may be compromised. Each are obstacles that need to be overcome to escape the oppression of the camp.

And finally, just like in "The Great Escape" just because the heroes are outside the walls of the prison, doesn't mean they are safe. The third act in "Toy Story 3" doesn't take place in the Day Care center, but rather, like in "The Great Escape", a place much more dangerous: the outside world. Here the dangers are more prescient and the villains are around every corner, even people once considered to be friends.

"Toy Story 3" is a classic Pixar: fun for kids and loaded with meaning for adults. One blogger noticed parallels with the story and the formation of Israel. While that theory is interesting, I just think the PIXAR geniuses, watched a lot of break out films before making "Toy Story 3." And while everyone is pining for the genius of "Inception," Pixar is giving us the break out thrills and the emotional chills.

June 22, 2010

New Trailer for Inception

Not sure when thislalife.com became THISNOLANLIFE, but either way this trailer is a mind twister.

EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Nolan Golf Cart - Updated

UPDATE: Hearing now that this does not belong to Nolan but rather someone else on the lot. (Learn more about that someone here)

Christopher Nolan may be hard at work editing "Inception" but that doesn't stop him from getting from Point A to Point B in style. The fact that he gets where he needs to be in this, should be clear evidence that he is clearly going to be directing Batman 3 and we should be excited.
Not sure if that jet engine works.

Cannot confirm it is Armor Plated Either.

June 21, 2010

What is Going On The Transformers Set

  1. This isn't the Transformers 3 set at all, rather it's a very very unexpected twist ending from the upcoming Wall-Street: Money Never Sleeps.
  2. Things got real crazy for Shia extremely quick when the paparazzi tried to snap a pic of him.
  3. Shia, an avid bazooka collector, got more than he bargained for when he sought illegal ways to purchase the highly valued dual prong bazooka with the attached Nintendo Super Scope.
  4. These is a picture from the set, but they're not shooting a scene, rather, this is just the security team that protects Shia from a vengeful Megan Fox.
  5. Tyrese is just doing the same shit he always does, looking up at robots, yelling at robots, firing at robots, and doing absolutely no damage to them at all, and then continuing the process over and over and over.

June 18, 2010

Have a Wild Weekend

Get Wild Everybody!

Toy Story, PIXAR, and Triumph of American Originality

15 years ago, when Toy Story came out, the world was literally a different place. Clinton was President, Apple was floundering with the Powermac, and my age was still in the single digits. Now we have a new President, Apple is poised to take over the planet, and I'm in the double digits. But Woody and Buzza are still here and remain landmark cultural figures. Woody, a distinctly American cowboy, noble and true, exemplifies the American frontier spirit.  Buzz, a beacon of technology and innovation reminds us where our country and ourselves should always be headed: to infinity and beyond.

Of course, all credit here goes to PIXAR. Founded as small special effects house in 1979, the company has become a breeding ground for some of the most imaginative people on the planet. Starting with "Toy Story" every film they have put out has been original, heartfelt and enjoyable. Sure, lots of PIXAR haters will tell you that "Cars" is a weak spot, don't believe the hype, it's still great

But wait, TPG, what about the fact that Toy Story 3 is a sequel? Well there is a difference between a sequel to a film that wasn't original in the first place and one where a new story and characters need to be invented from scratch. It's not like people were complaining when J.K. Rowling made a sequel to her first Harry Potter book. And make no mistake, Pixar's story telling is on par with those great literary giants.

And that is what really counts, in a world of oil spills, wars, and cultural confusion, Pixar is exporting a crucial American product: stories. In a sea of remakes and reboots they are one of the only companies producing critically praised original content for the world. So welcome back Woody and Buzz, and props to Pixar for keeping the American storytelling spirit alive.

June 17, 2010

Details Emerge On Spartacus Prequel

"Spartacus: Blood & Sand" was one of the most surprising shows of the past TV season. It started out jammed pack with ultra-violence and sex, a thrill which rapidly wore off. However, 2/3rds through the season, the series really turned it around: suddenly there were "Rome" style politics, "Gladiator" style epic arena fights, and TV ratings climbing as high as the body count. The season ended on a dire note when lead actor Andy Whitfield actor was diagnosed with cancer.

STARZ quickly made plans to set up a prequel series to fill the time that Whitfield would need to recover (his recovery is going well, it was announced he will return for a second season ). Now details are slowly starting to emerge about the prequel: see below.

  • The series is called - "Spartacus - Gods Of The Arena," which is even more epic than "Blood and Sand"
  • Gannicus -  A total badass, and the focal point of the miniseries. Think Crixus and Spartacus combined. He will also appear in the second season.
  • Many characters will return including - Batiatus, Lucretia, Doctore, Crixus, Barca, and Naevia and Ashur, which is cool because I always thought Ashur departed too soon

I'll be honest, I can't wait for this! I love the series and can't wait for the prequel and the second season.

June 16, 2010

Summer Movie Smackdown: The A-Team a.k.a. The Bro Team

Director: Joe Carnahan
Starring: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Sharlto Copley, Jessica Biel, and a ultra-hilarious Patrick Wilson

Plot? - God is a bro and he had four Bro sons: all maniac badass soldiers - Hannibal, Face, B.A. Baracus, & Murdock. These soldiers who are magically all united in one epically long credits sequence. get together and over the course of two hours on film do great bro things like, blow shit up, fight bad guys, sex up chicks, fly tanks through the air, and everything else in between.

Reminds You Of?  -  Hmm, it's a posse at war flick so it's in the realm of broaction action movies like "The Guns of Navarone," "The Wild Bunch," "Predator," and even "Sneakers." And actually, the presence of a wise cracking Bradley Cooper really reminded me of "The Hangover". In fact, the movie is a lot more enjoyable if you imagine that Cooper's character is the same one from "The Hangover" and Neeson is playing his character from "Taken." 

Ass Kicking Factor (AKF) - Bro, if a flying tank doesn't kick-ass I don't know what does. But besides that constantly mentioned tank flying, there is some pretty cool ass kicking action in terms of sheer mayhem. However the film lacks strong fight design and that lowers the ass-kicking factor. What is good fight design? Check out this clip below

Oh Shit Moments (OSM) - Too much is given away in the trailer. BA Baracus, the strongest of the bro-squad does gets the only real OSM in the whole film with a pretty fresh MMA inspired move. But in general, I would be saying "Oh Shit" to a lot of stuff here, but I already said it when I saw it in the trailer.

Memorable Dialogue  - Sharlto Copley, who plays "Mad Murdock" in the film will be familiar to audiences from his star-making turn in "District 9,"  really steals the show. Everything he says in the movie is hilarious. I'm not sure if one of the 11 writers wrote this dialogue for him or he made it up, but he is the brightest spot in the whole film. Also Patrick Wilson, who's usually a serious dramatic actor, has a really money line comparing real life violence to "Call of Duty" which is both funny and disturbing at the same time.

MOM Factor - Most Moms I know were raising kids in the 80's not watching the show. And most Mom's I know don't really line up en mass for violent action films. So I'd have to say, that the audience MOM factor comes in very very low. The Bro factor  on the other hand is very very high, so high, I thought someone was going to get iced.

TPG Truth Drop -The best part of the ensemble action film is when someone on the team makes a sacrifice for everyone else. See below for an example

Bro grabs a huge-ass machine gun and loads a massive clip into it. He lights his cigar and kisses his dog tags. He is bleeding from a wound in his leg, but he doesn't care.

Bro: You guys go ahead, I'm going to remind these assholes that they missed their appointment with Rosie@

Bro Friend: Are you mad, come on I'll carry you outta heyah!

Bro looks at the waves of infantry coming his way and starts to smile

Bro: You go Bro Friend, go back to your family and your picket fences, I belong here, on the battlefield, with Rosie!

Bro kisses his gun, this is Rosie, the love of his life. Bro Friend runs away and Bro starts firing.
The A-Team is so clearly set up for a sequel that no character makes a sacrifice at all and the entire film is ruined for it. In other words, there are no stakes, we know no one is going to die, because they all need to live on to fight more in summer 2013 (Note, I have no idea if a sequel is coming). So that's it, A-Team is just alright, I saw it, yeah, but now that I did, there is only one action movie left to see:

Psycho: Is it just a little messed up?

50 Years ago, Psycho was released into theaters. About three months ago I saw it for the first time. I was impressed, I love hype, and it takes a great movie to live up to 50 years of hype. However, just a couple of weeks ago, I was talking to friend and she brought up a very interesting point:

Is it a little messed up the most famous scene from this film, and in the history of cinema, involves the brutal murder of an innocent woman?

I had never thought about this way. I realize that when audiences saw the murder, it was totally new for them and they were losing their minds, however that doesn't change the content. It's still an extremely intense and violent murder, even by today's SAW standards.

A quick google search reveals that people really like to think about the political, sexual, spiritual, economical, emotional, uncountable, effects of the scene and that's acceptable, the film is loaded with meaning. However it doesn't change the fact, that a majority of film critics and film historian are old men who sit around and watch movies all day and really seem to get fired up about a woman getting stabbed a whole bunch of times.

June 14, 2010

Centurion Red Band Trailer

This movie, which I have been hyping for a long time is shaping up to be the following things

1. What Robin Hood could have been
2. A movie similar off the under-appreciated first 45 minutes of Gladiator
3. A return to form for Director Neil Marshall
4. A sneak peek at future movie star Michael Fassbender's acting and ass kicking abilities
5. A first taste of the popular lost legion story which will dominate theaters soon.

Zombies Attack Newsweek.Com

Somebody at Newsweek has a great sense of humor. Today, to celebrate E3, somebody at Newswek has hidden a secret web page in the site. Savvy readers who go to the newsweek.com page and enter the Konami Code will be treated to a special page about the zombie outbreak that is sweeping the east coast.

For those of you who never played Contra (or TMNT 3)

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter

June 11, 2010


Oguchi Onyewu

My Fictional Character World Cup Roster

In the spirit of the cup, here is my dream World Cup roster. I'm running a 3 x 3 X 4 by the way.

1. Striker 1 - I couldn't think of a better striker than Spiderman, aka Peter Parker. His quick agility and also moderate strength would allow him to not get dominated by defenders and he could also spread the field for others.

2. Striker 2 - I really like Dhalsim from Street Fighter. His ability to elongate his limbs would tear through defenses.

3. Striker 3 - Look, this one might not win over a lot of fans, but for some reason I think the Prince of Persia (without the stupid dagger) would be a nasty soccer player.

4. Center Midfielder - I'm going to put the legendary "RUDY" on this roster because of his incredible heart and perseverance. Of course Rudy also appears on this list because of his outstanding endurance. Not only did he dominate in Rudy, but he also endured taking his buddy to the fires of Mordor.

5.  Right Wing- Ong Bak The Thai Warrior - See video below for explanation

6. Left Wing - Rumble in the Bronx  Era Jackie Chan - His focused and smooth style of play would be the perfect compliment to Tony Jaa's chaos reigns attitude. 

7. Stopper - I'm thinking Arnold here, but what Arnold? I'd have to say I really like "Conan Arnold" here, his defensive performance at the end of "Barbarian" is a text book example of how to stand up to an opponents attack.

8. Left Back - Sayid from Lost - You really thought you'd get through this whole list without a LOST reference, did ya? But seriously, Sayid's proficiency at protecting his fellow survivors earned him this spot.

9. Right Back - Jack Bauer - What a dream combination for your left and right backs. Check out the 24 Points to erase any doubts about Bauer's defensive abilities.

10. Sweeper - Optimus fuckin' Prime. No one is getting through him, doesn't matter if they are decepticons, dwarves, vampires, french people, aliens, no one. 

11. Goalie - There is only one goalie that I could think of here. LARRY MUSGROVE. Oh what's that you don't know him. He's the goalie from "The Big Green," he's a legend, and you better respect him. 

Coach: Toss up between Rodney Dangerfield from "Ladybugs" or Professor Charles Xavier.

That's it. I leave it up to you to figure out who is subbing in?

June 10, 2010

Batman 3 Rumor Round Up

Batman Begins 3. The Dark Knight 2. Batman 6. Follow up the greatest comic book movie ever. Don't worry, it is coming out in 2012. Whatever you call it, people are salivating for the tiniest crumb of information regarding it. This week some morsels that were particularly tantalizing fell to the floor. Let's check them out.

The Film Stars Shooting in March
Source: LA TIMES
True? - I'm saying this one is probably accurate. The film is coming out, July 20th, 2012 so in order to make that date, I think a March 2011 date is realistic

Joseph Gordon Levitt as the Riddler
Source: Hollywood Life
True? - No. See above, the film's start date is a rumor, so all casting details must be taken with a major grain of salt. That being said, Levitt does star in Nolan's upcoming film "Inception," and the director is known for using similar actors in many of his films. Eager caped crusaders should look to the storied "Inception" cast for possible ideas for the future adventures of the Gotham hero. My vote: Tom Hardy for the villain. He's in Inception and he's in Bronson (see below). The villain he should play: a london gangster called Mad Hatter.

June 9, 2010

Could this be the 24 replacement I need?

Five Reasons To Still Be Excited About Summer Movies

For many people there are only two movies that matter in Summer 2010: Iron Man 2 and Inception. Tony Stark and his mechanical friends have came and mostly departed, and people seemed pleased with what they got. The other film, Christopher Nolan's "Inception" is still more than a month away and if you believe the general tone when people talk about the summer, this is the only movie that matters. Well, I'm here to tell you that those people are right, "Inception" is probably going to be the cinematic messiah that everyone is making it out to be. However, there are some other movies coming out this summer that people should still be pumped about. And I'm here to tell you what they are:

1. Knight & Day - Once upon a time, Tom Cruise's public persona was locked into full Scientology mode. He tried to fight it, he played a one eyed German and masses weren't happy. Then he realized that rather than fight his public image he should embrace it. The result, the hilarious Les Grossman and the new film Knight and Day. It's clear that he is playing himself on steroids, albeit one that kills people, hey who knows, maybe he does that in real life too (note, he doesn't use bullets, he uses his mind).

2. Predators - At first the only thing people were brewing about regarding this movie was how they didn't think Adrien Brody could be a badass. After the second trailer though, it seems people are talking about how savage this film could potentially be. The entire movie is a risk, the director Nimrod Atal is relatively new, and some of the cast (Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Adrian Brody) are starring in a new genre. If this beast of film gets even remotely good reviews, consider me ready to rock and roll.

3. The Other Guys - Adam McKay makes funny ass movies. They may not win awards or earn you points when you tell your snooty Kubrick loving friends that you liked them, but "Anchorman" "Talledega Nights" and "Step-Brothers" are hilarious. Will Ferrell is still around and he is joined by underated comedic actors Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson.

4. The Expendables - I recently read this article about how this movie is going to be more insane than people think it is going to be. People already thought it was going to be crazy, so make of that what you will. See my pages of Expendables hype here

5.  Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - While I'm not completely sold on this movie, I'm including it on this list because it looks fresher than summer tomatoes and basil from an earthy garden. In a world of 3D remakes, reboots, and rebirths this film boasts a new visual style that deserves to be mentioned. Edgar Wright's previous films "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead" are both almost perfect and it looks like he's taking some massive chances here. I hope it pays off. 

June 8, 2010

New Picture From Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Just kidding, 
This is a picture from Rupert Grint's new film Wild Target

Summer Movie Smackdown: Get Him To The Greek

Director: Nicholas Stoller
Starring: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Colm Meany, Elizabeth Moss, Sean Combs, aka P Diddy, aka Puff Daddy, aka swimming in women with their own condominiums, five plus five....

Plot? - Wanna be record exec Aaron Greene (Jonah Hill) must get professional drug addict and part time rock god Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles so he can save the record business by melting faces. Audiences will know Snow from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" where he played the same role and dominated the movie.
Reminds You Of?  -  It's kind of like "Spinal Tap" because it's a satire of the rock and roll mythos, but by that reasoning it has a dash of "Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny" as well. And there are the usual Apatowian (he's the producer) 20 something males who are searching for love, romance, and meaning in life, so by that reasoning it's a lot like "Knocked Up" and "Superbad."
Ass Kicking Factor (AKF) - There is some mild level debauchery, but most of the ass kicking here involves the pretty solid musical performances that Brand puts on with his band "Infant Sorrow." The album is available to buy and I gotta say the songs are pretty damn catchy, dare I say even rocking. I'm listening to them right now and I'm into it.

Oh Shit Moments (OSM) - This is a comedy, it's not like there are Iron Men battling it out in every frame, but there are some funny moments here that really had the audience rolling. A segment in Vegas involving a specific type of joint is particularly funny and would technically qualify as a oh shit moment.
Memorable Dialogue  - While there isn't anything as simple as the classic Forgetting Sarah Marshall line "oh that's my driver I'm going to go have sex with her," there are some classic lines here. Also the movie scores some points for having some great music industry related jokes. Ozzy, Miley, Mick, and even The Mars Volta aren't spared from the sharp comedic barbs
MOM Factor - A little too crude, but my Mom thought "Beavis and Butthead Do America" was the funniest thing ever, so who knows, hard to tell with comedies.
TPG Truth Drop -The strength of this film is in the actors; Brand, Hill, and Diddy all are working overtime and killing it. The problem lies with the story, I'm not sure if it's the script, the producer, or the director but there are many elements in the film that don't deliver. In fact, Aldous, the core of the film has plotlines involving his broken family life with his parents, son, and estranged wife that have no emotional payoff. This lack of emotional resolve left me feeling cheated and empty, which is crazy because all the other Apatow movies deliver this cheesy heartfelt ending so well. I  find myself wondering if a different cut of the film exists in a place where these storylines are resolved. That's the film I want to see.

Solid laughs all around, but I'm still banking on "The Other Guys" to be the comedic film to beat this summer. 

June 7, 2010

June 4, 2010

Have A Great Weekend - Jedi Cat Says So


David Beckham, Snoop Dogg, Han Solo, Jay Baruchel walk into Mos Eisley Cantina

Doesn't get much cooler than this. Not sure what this has to do with ADIDAS, but then again, Snoop Dogg with a light saber. How come you couldn't play Snoop Windu in the prequels?

Reality Check: Splice, Get Him To The Greek, Marmaduke, Killers


Splice & Marmaduke
Reality Check says that these movies are pretty damn real. Animal-Human cross breeding is legal in England, don't believe me check it out here. Scientists have been mixing and matching genes for a long time (Napoleon Dynamite's Liger - totally real) so most of the science purported in the film is happening. As for Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley playing scientists, let's just say that I buy Brody as a scientist more than I buy him as a badass in this summer's Predators. I'm just kidding Broooooo-dy, I think you're going to be great in Predators. Also how much better would Marmaduke be, if the reason he could talk was genetically engineering? Marmaduke as a dark horror movie? Hell Yeah!

Get Him To The Greek - History has proven that Rock Stars are morally depraved creatures, that although they are not genetically engineered, they are wild beasts. Rampant drug use, wild sex, and face melting guitar solos are scientifically proven to occur when they are roaming in the wild. This movie is real. Puff Daddy as a mogul-real. Russel Brand as sex maniac- see Katy Perry. Johah Hill as a funny fat dude determined to break out of supporting roles-true.

Nothing about this movie is remotely real. Ashton is not buyable as a contract killer, the only thing he's good at is tweeting. Heigl is not a killer either, her only crime is starring in a movie with Gerard Butler which was not an action movie thus contributing to Butler's steady decline from the ass-kicking 300 to sappy romantic comedies. Jesus, Butler, the action world needs you.

Next Week: A-Team!

June 3, 2010

Lost in 30 Days: Part II

A quick introduction: My name is BC Smith. I run a movie-news twitter feed and a business blog. A little over a month ago, I started watching Lost, and a little over a week ago, I finished watching it. TPG was kind enough to allow me to do this guest post chronicling my epic experience. What follows is Part 2 of 2. Enjoy.

Much Ado About Lost

Make no mistake, Lost is ridiculous. But, of course, it all makes perfect sense when you're watching it.

"Why does that Middle-Earth guy have a Virgin Mary statue?"

"It has heroin in it. He got it from the drug-smuggling plane Mr. Echo's brother was in."

"Mr. Echo came to the island in a plane filled with heroin?"

"No, no. Mr. Echo was a priest on flight 815. This was years ago, back when he did smuggle drugs. He just happened to crash on the same island that his brothers' plane did, many year ago."

"That doesn't make any sense. What's that clicking sound?"

"I'm walking away."

And, of course, it only got worse. By the final season, trying to explain the plot of Lost to the uninitiated was indistinguishable from the schizophrenic ramblings of a mental patient. Suddenly, I felt like the crazed homeless person at the back of the bus, mumbling frantically to myself about a mysterious man in black, a smoke-monster disguised as an old friend, and an underground pool of magic light. "Don't take out the cork! Don't take out the cork or the magic light will drain like bath water!"

It's amazing to me how quickly you can get drawn into the world of Lost. Within the first couple days (read: 10 or 12 episodes in), I already felt like I'd been watching the show for a year. I had already formed strong opinions about the characters, I had invested myself in (some of) their back stories, and I was already used to being left in the dark.

When I was preparing to start my epic journey, a coworker of mine braced me by saying, "Lost has a way of answering questions without really answering them." In hindsight, I would amend his statement to, "Lost has a way of not answering questions at all."

Watching the show in such a brief period of time has only made that much all the more obvious to me. With such a crystal-clear memory of nearly every season, I was painfully aware when things didn't add up or pay off.

For me, the best set up that didn't deliver was the entire Walt subplot, thwarted by puberty, no doubt.

Juliet: Does Walt ever show up in places where doesn't belong?

Me: Why yes, he does. Sometimes he appears, dripping wet, speaking in tongues.

Juliet: Let's never speak of it again.

Me: Oh. Okay.

I must say though, probably the most different thing about watching Lost all at once, is that I wasn't theorizing. Like, at all. There were no weeks of waiting and wondering and blogging about the show. There weren't even minutes of waiting. There were always new shows to watch. I didn't actually catch up until the day before the final episode. It was that down to the wire. So while most people into the show have spent at least a few years speculating about the mysteries of the island, I just sort of pushed on, confident that all would be revealed in due time. Sure, I had questions. "What did Rosseau mean when she called the smoke monster a 'security device?'" for instance. (By the way, what did she mean by that?)

But having all those answers waiting around the corner dramatically altered how I looked at the show. It wasn't my weekly dose of mystery, intrigue, and inter-island sexual trysts. It was more like my hourly morphine fix. All I had to do was press the little button beside my bed, and Lost would just drip, drip, drip into me.

The End

So what of the ending? I liked it, personally. It was satisfying and touching. But... it still didn't feel complete to me. The alternate dimension/purgatory business was wrapped up. But that was a plot device which existed exclusively in the sixth season. It was a great ending for that season, but not quite as cohesive an ending for the entire series as I would have hoped for.

No show is perfect, and I never would expect Lost to be an exception. But I think the reason has gotten all of the flack that it has over the years is because-- at its best, it's a show that has reached levels of brilliance and entertainment unparalleled in recent television history. Certainly no other show could have ever inspired me to dedicate over 120 hours to it--5 entire days of uninterrupted viewing--in a single month. But I did it because I loved the show. I loved the characters. I loved the stories. I loved the questions, and I loved the answers. When there were answers.

But even that isn't why I started watching the show. I started watching because, put simply: I wanted to be there. Lost was a cultural and entertainment pheneomenon, one that was coming to an end. And I wanted to be a part of it. It was something special, something I didn't want to miss. I paid the price, and I put in the hours--some rewarding, some less so--but in the end it was completely worth it. In fact, I would do it all over again. And, if anyone ever turns that secret ice-wheel I keep in my basement, I just might have to.

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The Avengers = Geek Heaven

My Dad is in a movie group with his buddies. Every month they get together, go out for dinner and see a flick. Yesterday, after my recommendation they went and saw Iron Man 2. The film was success with the group (how could it not be, Iron Man 2 is the shit, see my infamous poem about that). While talking to him this morning, I briefly explained The Avengers to him and he agreed that it is going to be one cool movie. This fan made art, compiled from existing images above, gives us a mere taste of awesome this is going to be. For more information on "The Avengers" check out my previous much nerdier posts about the topic here.

And to make matters sweeter, the above image is missing some key players. There is no Hawkeye who is confirmed to be in the film, and there is no Nick Fury, who most certainly will be loudly kicking ass.

At this point, Comic Con should just stop existing after The Avengers comes out, because after this film, whether it's good or bad, nothing else will matter. Of course, until Christopher Nolan directs "The Dark Knight Returns."

Thanks to slashfilm for the image

June 2, 2010

Lost in 30 Days: Part I

A quick introduction: My name is BC Smith. I run a movie-news twitter feed and a business blog. When I first met TPG, he was babbling on about some fabled Nicholas Cage Action Trilogy, and I knew we'd hit it off right away. I quickly proceeded to make fun of his obsession with "his little island show." Now it's time for me to eat my words. A little over a month ago, I started watching Lost, and a little over a week ago, I finished watching it. Tim was kind enough to allow me to do this guest post chronicling my epic experience. What follows is Part 1 of 2. Enjoy.


There are about 720 hours in a month. There are about 120 hours of Lost. To watch the entire series in a month would mean dedicating over one-seventh of your time to the show. It also stands to reason that, were one to sleep roughly half that time, one-third of all waking hours would have to be dedicated solely to watching Lost, if such a feat were to be achieved.

I achieved such a feat. And this is my story.

I know plenty of people started watching the show a little late in the game, only to catch up in a series of epic, marathon sessions. But I'd like to consider my task a particularly mammoth one. At first, it was surprisingly easy. I remember thinking, “If all of the episodes are even half as good as the first season, this will be no problem.”

Of course, they weren't all that good. By seasons three and four, watching Lost became a chore. A tedious, excruciating chore. The questions were mounting, the answers less and less forthcoming. Ben Linus was getting more and more irritating, if not creepier. The characters' subplots were getting less and less compelling.

And, let's be honest- Lost left us with no shortage of terrible subplots. (Charlie sleep-stealing Claire's baby? Just about everything to do with Claire's baby?) But like all shit-storms, the worst soon passed, and I was reminded—time and again—just why I was watching this show.

Every Man For Himself

Watching all of Lost before the finale was an undertaking me and my roommates all took on simultaneously. The only problem was we all had wildly different schedules, which meant we were all watching the show on our own. Soon enough, some of my roommates were seasons ahead of me, some seasons behind me. This resulted in a lot of isolation. I literally had to walk around the house with headphones on for a good couple weeks, doing everything I could not to look at the TV. Many meals were cooked with music blaring directly into my ears, then eaten alone in my bedroom, with Lost streaming directly into my frontal lobe. I explained the situation to my cousin, a rocket scientist and avid Lost fan, and he thought it was hilarious.

“Don't you see the parallel?" he said. "You're four people occupying the same space, but you're all temporally disconnected and alienated from one another. It's just like Lost."

It took me a few seasons of catching up to understand what he meant, though, to be honest, I'm still not sure I completely understand the analogy.

If You Like Confusing Time Travel Movies...

To me, Lost was at its best when our characters were dislodged in time, hopping blindly from era to era, with only the occasional signpost marking the way-- a rogue atom bomb here, a four toed statue there, an improvised birth in the bushes over there, etc. Everyone I talked to had told me to brace myself for the fifth season. The fifth season, they said, was when Lost started getting really crazy. But to me, it's when the show regained its footing. No longer were the producers trying to milk five episodes of characters being locked in bear cages. Instead, the show was taking creative risks, and getting just about as complicated as

a show can get while still appealing to a mass audience.

Could I have done without Faraday's constant whispering? Sure. Did they say, "When are we?" one too many times? You betcha. But, damn it, I like confusing time travel stuff. (A Google Video search for "Confusing Time Travel" yields this Lost clip as the top result. Little asides like this on the nature of time travel--provided solely for the slower audience members--bugged me, I'll be honest. But then again, I'm a rocket scientist's cousin. I'm brilliant.) Maybe I'm biased towards time-travel malarkey. Hell, I even liked the Butterfly Effect, despite, you know, it's problems.

But I like to note that the first four seasons of Lost were all supposed to have taken place in a matter of months, while Season Five alone spanned three years. It was a much needed jump-start to the show, but it also brings us to one of Lost's biggest problems: Pacing.

When the show first started, they built up the mythology slowly, steadily. But pretty soon it seemed there was too much time and not enough story. The show crawled. When the freighter arrived at the end of the third season, I never would have imagined that they would drag that silliness out for another entire season. But they did. Then, with the end-date only a couple of years away, the show started blitzing through the story, sprinting at break-neck pace to the finish. For me, it was this highly uneven pacing that most detracted from Lost feeling like a cohesive, unified saga.

Go to Part II of "Lost in 30 Days."

Join me tomorrow as I wrap up my Lost experience. Thanks for reading, and thanks to TPG for letting me rant on his most excellent blog. Oh yeah, and follow me, @35mmofheaven, on Twitter.