May 19, 2010

TPG's LOST COMPASS: What They Died For

Welcome to the final Tuesday edition of TPG's LOST COMPASS. It's been a real pleasure writing about LOST for you readers these past couple of months, and now I"m just working on finding my replacement.  You see I've been bringing all of you to the blog for a reason....wait...sorry....thought I was Jacob. Last night's episode titled "What They Died For" was in classic LOST fashion, a set up episode for the finale, but boy, was it good, chock full of answers and awesomeness. So what do you say, we burn some ashes and inhale the fumes of the episode.
1. In the great pantheon of fictional badasses, Desmond ranks somewhere just below James Bond, who carries a number one ranking. This dude bribes cops, sexes up chicks, beats up Linus for fun, is a serious romantic, and can travel between parallel universes. He's CONSTANTLY awesome and has really proven himself as one of, if not the best character on the show.
2. DOUBLE MIND MELT WITH CHIVES - Yeah bet you haven't thrown chives on a grilled cheese before. Tonight we got our first "remember" moment in a while, and how great was it that it came when Desmond was playing fight night with Linus's face. I noticed though the recollection was bathed in a gold hue, the exact same color that lives at the heart of the Island.
3. I loved Jacob's confirmation that he created the monster. The Lost writers have said that no one on LOST is 100% good or evil, and Jacob, white robes at all is not exempt to that. The theme of him killing his own brother and then seeking redemption through healing other wounded souls is a biblical one. Last week we had communion, and tonight had our baptism, with our shepherd of lost souls Jacob, crowning the new protector of the Island Jack Shepard, whoah, did I just sneak a mind melt slider in at ya.
4. When Kate was grilling Jacob about why our characters died, she didn't mention Frank Lapidus and that broke my heart. However some quick research turned up this photo from the LOST writer's office, so it's all good.
5. This concert that is so damn important that Desmond makes Kate change for it on a city block (hey, she wants to change in front of Desmond, see point #1) could potentially be one epic gathering of characters. We already know that Miles, Jack, Charlotte, Claire, Desmond, Kate, Hurley, Sayid are showing up. Assuming that Pierre Chang is Miles' father, he'll be there. Someone is going to track the fugitives, so Sawyer will arrive. Faraday might be playing. You know what I mean, check out the analogy below.

Lost: Seinfeld
Final Concert in Finale: Finale Courtroom Scene in Finale

6. Linus says "It's where I learned I could summon the monster, until I learned it was summoning me." Man, what a head spinning line that was. Is he trying to say that everyone time he used the monster, his soul was blackened? If so, great line. And now, where does Linus stand? The great anti-hero/villian/punching pag of LOST is at a crossroads. Is our little Napoleon working for Smoked out Locke now? Will his flash sideways self learn some tragic truths about his Island self? Will he like his power hungry Island self better?
7. Finally, I leave you friends with a prediction. After all the crazy shit goes down in the finale, and Jack is still the keeper of the Island, I wonder if we'll see a scene way in the future, like floating car future, where Jack is still the boss of the Island but begins the process to pass the cup to someone anew. Time for LOST: The New Generation.

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  1. Is Jack still no. 1 in your power rankings?