May 24, 2010


So this is how it ends, not with a head spinning twist for people to theorize til the end times, but with with a portrait of our beloved characters painted with beautiful strokes of human emotion.  It was the least physical of the season finales, but the most emotional by far. And lest there is any doubt, IT WAS AMAZING. So what do you say, one last time, we tie a rope around our waists and jump into the heart of The Island.
1. What a wonderful way to wrap it up. I knew something was going on when Jack entered the church and every single religious symbol in the history of time was all over the walls. But boy was I not ready for that end. Now, it's open for theorizing, but as I see it, the flash sideways world was purgatory, and they were waiting for Jack before they could travel on, that's enough right there to make a couple mind melts, and I got the cooking hat on.
2. MIND MELT USING OLIVE OIL INSTEAD OF BUTTER - How great was Ben and Hurley's conversation. "You were a great #2!" says Hurley. Just how long was Hurley the Island Jedi that he wished he was the whole series? Why didn't Ben join them in the church? Did Ben not go in because he thought he wouldn't be welcome? Was he waiting for Walt to show up? Or perhaps could Ben not go inside because The Island wasn't finished with him.
3. MIND MELT HEATING UP, ADD SOME RED ONIONS - Pretty sure that magical Church was the same one that good ol Eloise Hawking used to find the Island in the beginning of season 5.
4. MIND MELT COMPLETE SERVED WITH A SIDE OF CAPE COD POTATO CHIPS - I loved how the end of the series was a direct reference to the fans. The island, the object that you've obsessed over for years, literally fell into the ocean! "Let go" says Christian. It's like Damon and Carlton were saying "hey, look, it's over, and it's ok, you guys can move on to other shows and perhaps move on with your lives, go pick up a new hobby, stop bloggin'."
5. When Desmond goes to the bottom of the Island, I couldn't help but notice the skeletons that littered the groovy architecture. Were these the skeletons of the previous incarnations of the smoke monster? Was the Island built on the foundations of these people's bones. Who were these people? Were they Egyptians? Were they from Atlantis? Oh that one is far out.
6. Way back in April, I spoke about how LOST at it's core is a show about LOVE. And man, what a fulfilling episode in that context. All these people having their connections, realizing past lives, damn, it was like "The Constant" on Steroids!
7. Of course I wanted that battle between Smocked out Locke and Jacob Jack to be even more epic, but let's just be honest, those two are exactly Sayid Jarahhhhhhhh. While both have shown a proficiency in badass fight moves in the past, they both were weakened here, so I'll let it past. Props to Kate Austen for having a very Red Sonja one liner with the whole "I saved a bullet for you" moment.
8. You thought I was done, after the MIND MELT main courses, I now serve you up a little dessert, call it a MIND MELT CREM BRULEE. When Jack is lying there in the jungle with Vincent and he sees the plane fly over. What plane is that exactly? Is that the Ajira flight which Richard "I've never been on a plane before even though I'm old as shit" Alpert on it? Or is it the original Oceanic flight now intact and fine?  
9. And finally, I just want to say what a pleasure it was writing these posts for everyone. I'd like that thank my good friend Dewey, wherever you are brotha for pushing me to blog about Lost. I'd also like to thank all my brothas from school who sent me positive emails of encouragement as the season moved on. Thanks to fellow Bostonian Crit over at fuckyeahlost, for posting my shit. Steve over at Lifting Fog (great LOST poem over there) for challenging me about the show. Thanks to the actual creators for making such a great show too, I guess they deserve to be thanked. I'll have one more Compass for you on Wednesday, where I'll try to answer some lingering questions, but until then:

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